What comes to mind when you think of bold, deep red interiors? Yes, sensual, romantic, passionate and energy-inducing vibes. Studies have shown that red increases brain activity, drives stamina and according to psychology, the colour red makes you hungry! Nevertheless, we love the sense of warmth and sophistication created when used seamlessly in your interior décor.
red interior

Light emitted through a red shade is amplified and cloaks a room like no other colour.

From the right: 
INNERMOST: Portland 19 
SKLO: Float 10 Pendant 
INNERMOST: Latitude 
BOCO DO LOBO: Ann Floor Lamp
ARTEMIDE: Dalu Table Lamp

From the left: 
DELIGHTFULL: Sinatra Suspension Light

Bold Red Accents
This scrumptious colour is often associated with food, think lush cherry tomatoes and super sweet berries. You can go all the way and have your cabinets, walls and kitchen appliances in this appetising hue, but we suggest starting with modern chairs or stools. Keep the rest of your décor neutral for the heightened style.

Bold red interiors

2. OASIQ - Sandur Bar Stool
3. CAPPELLINI - Ribbon High Stool 

Red Match
When using bold red we recommend keeping your palette to a few colours, three maximum. Otherwise, you run the risk of it feeling too chaotic and thoughtlessly planned. Our favourite combination is red with canary blue/ teal or mustard yellow. The first one looks very crisp and almost patriotic, whilst the latter feels a little retro and warmer.
Bold red interiors

1. ILLULIAN - Red Lip Rug
2. MOISSONNIER - L.XV Bridge Table 
3. NLXL - Withered Flowers Colour Wallpaper
4. ARTIFORT - Groovy Lounge Chair 
5. BIVAIN - Xanadu Red 
6. ATIPICO - Kora Vasa  

The Unexpected
As far as furniture stores go, at The Longest Stay, we are drawn by the unusual and the unexpected when it comes to interior design. A few weeks back we spoke about having a chaise lounge in a bathroom, and today we are blowing the trumpet for a red bathroom accentuated by a luscious red statement chair.  
red red  

1. ADRENALINA - Luv Chair 
2. ARTIFORT - Mushroom Chair 
3. CAPPELLINI - Embryo Chair 

White & Red
Nothing looks more stunning than the terse sight of a white room – almost like a gallery – that is then brought to life by adding wonderful works of art or a unique cuckoo clock. This is quite a dramatic look, so your entrance hallway is an excellent place to execute this style.
2. MINEHEART - Uncle Walter Canvas
3. TANJA - Kisses On Fire 

More is More
You may be more inclined to go all out with this trend and we won’t stop you! Think about adding layers of different tones of red, and don’t forget about textures and pattern. This will make your living space a symphony of different points of interest with a common thread that brings everything together – deep red. Don’t be afraid to be bold and beautiful with this option.

red red red

1.  ILLULIAN - Lune Rug 
2. DARE STUDIO - Hardy Wingback Sofa 
3. INNERMOST - Matrioska
4. ARTEMIDE - Tolomeo Micro Halogen Table Lamp
5. MOSCHINO LOVES ALTREFORME - Colletto Coffee Table 
6. DAVID REDMAN - Ruby Crystal Martini Glasses

What are your favourite combinations of red? Let us know in the comments below.