3 Tips For Choosing Best Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor

Furnishing areas beyond our internal living space is more important than ever and choosing the best patio furniture for your outdoor space can be difficult if you don’t know what to consider. Here at The Longest Stay, we’ll take all the inspiration we can get. We bring you the best in design, so let’s dive into these new furniture ideas!

Type of space

Take a look at the space you’re planning to furnish. Is it a patio, poolside or garden? Each of these will have its own unique characteristics. For example, the uneven ground may require patio furniture that can adapt its legs and swimming pool areas need furniture that dries with ease.

We love the Poltroncina Fish chair by Cappellini it looks modern and fresh and it’s a very practical piece for those summer pool days.

poltroncina fish chair

Other outdoor settings to consider:

Patio – great for outdoor dining, lounging or barbecuing.
Deck – stylish hardwood alternatives to concrete patios
Porch – ideal for sunset observing and long conversations, we recommend a lounge seating set up
Garden – French-style garden sets to add romanticism to a well-cared-for garden


Furniture Material

Metal furniture sets add modern elegance and longevity to your outdoor space. Our cast iron sets from Oxleys are sturdy and won’t blow away in the wind like other lightweight metal furniture can do. The cushions are all-weather resistant and can be easily stored away. Wooden patio furniture feels right at home outside.

One must really appreciate woods' unique graining. Our wooden outdoor furniture is made of solid hardwood which lasts longer as it produces natural oils that protect it. Unlike softwoods like pine that will need extra coating and protection from wind, rain and sun.

timeless and classic

Furniture Style

We all have our own personal style; it colours the way we decorate our homes and outdoor spaces too. Choose patio furniture that really captures your sense of style, maybe you love modern furniture with sleek lines and neutral colours or maybe you prefer one-of-a-kind designs that really stand out.

Designs that to some may feel like “too much” – our advice – whatever it may be, own it. If you are the latter, the Italian brand Moroso is the brand for you. Their outdoor furniture collection is full of joy and unique design collaborations typical of the Moroso DNA.

vibrant colour

If you have any questions about our outdoor collection feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] one of our international stylists is at hand to guide you.