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Our fabulous collection of designer sideboards and cabinets will provide you with incredibly stylish storage space that will help you de-clutter your home. With designer furniture pieces by Julian Chichester, Il Pezzo Mancante, Malabar and more, we have an eclectic range of cabinets and sideboards perfect for your home. From drinks cabinets, TV cabinets, consoles, and sideboards of various sizes and shapes, our collection is filled with pieces that are bright and bold, as well as products that play with subtlety and minimalism. Take a look through our collection to find designer furniture pieces that are both stylish and functional! And if you need any help or further information, talk to us on our Live Chat.

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Wooden Sideboard Cabinets: An Elegant Touch To Your Living Room

Modern Sideboard cabinets are required in every home, whether traditional, modern or contemporary, to store daily necessities. Our professionals have created the cabinet sideboards with the most delicate precision and grace, allowing you to keep all of your essentials in style. The ample storage cabinets can easily store cutlery and tableware in the dining area and souvenirs and keepsakes in the living room. 

Wooden sideboard cabinets give your living room and hallways a sophisticated look. Sideboard cabinets provide your home with both elegance and individuality. Buy modern designer storage cabinets online from a broad selection, including exquisite ethnic cabinets with a distinct appeal at the most affordable costs. With our ethnic vibe and designer look, you can upgrade your living area.


Our sideboards and cabinets are ideal for both storage and display use. Usually in your living space or dining room, to store tableware, but they are also perfect for adding stylish storage to any room without compromising on style. We have a variety of designs available in our cabinet and sideboard collection, from classic to modern and contemporary options.

And what is inside them is as important as what you display on them. We suggest grouping different home accessories in groups of three to create a focal point. Adding a pendant light or spotlights can also accentuate your unique sideboard. Soften the look by adding daffodils in your favourite vase or placing an ottoman nearby.


Other creative ways to style your sideboard, include a cluster of beautiful hardcover books that showcase your interests. Display them vertically and horizontally to add interest to your sideboard. Another clever trick is to use a tray. Use a variety of materials like glass, metal, concrete and even a plant to mix different heights and stick to an odd number.

Odd numbers on a tray look more appealing. Adding, a cluster of scented candles to your unique sideboard is also a winner, not only will your room smell divine but it will also create an ambience when you have guests. Check out our collection of home accessories for more ideas on how to style your sideboards & cabinets.


Our designer sideboards are an ideal complement to your dining room, as well as, for your living environment. Use a contemporary sideboard or cabinet to store your dinnerware so that when you’re hosting a dinner party you have easy access to all your dinnerware, and glassware. Opt for a sideboard cabinet with reflective surfaces to enhance the atmospheric effect of your lighting design or choose a matte finish for a sophisticated look.

If you’re thinking that you can’t add seating near or around a sideboard or cabinet think again. It’s not conventional but having an ottoman or pouffe nearby is a nice little detail. Last but not least, cabinets and sideboards are a great way to keep your home decor seasonal. For example, for an Autumn theme, you could scatter a couple of decorative twigs or conkers. For Christmas, you could replace these with some sprigs of holly and baubles.

Modern Sideboards Cabinets: Get the Best Storage For Your Home

Storage cabinets are one of the leading used elements in the house. They are typically used to store and decoratively display things. A sideboard, for example, is a cabinet in the dining room that serves as a convenient surface for storing food, beverages, and additional utensils during a meal while also serving as a decorative element in the space.

A storage sideboard cabinet is a long cabinet with storage usually placed against or adjacent to a wall. Modern sideboards are decorative and functional and available in different styles, colours and patterns.

If you are looking for the best storage solutions for your dining area and living area, The Longest Stay is a one-stop store. With our online store, you can get kitchen cabinets, bedroom cabinets, dining room sideboard cabinets, living room cabinets, etc. You can select based on your choice and requirement. 

Different Types of Storage Cabinets Available at The Longest Stay -

When it comes to sideboards, there are a variety of solutions to meet your modern storage and mobility needs. Check out the wide range of sideboard cabinets available at The Longest Stay - 

Small Storage Cabinets:

The small cabinets provide your living room and bedroom with an attractive look. The miniature cabinets in this can be used to store different items elegantly and stylishly. Our diverse collection includes shelving units, bookshelves, standing coat hangers, and various other cabinets. 

Drink Cabinets:

Cabinets for glassware are the newest must-have piece for any living room or gathering area. Our drinks cabinets are made to the highest standards and are both attractive and valuable.

Designer Sideboards:

A sideboard can make a big difference in many rooms. Add a kitchen sideboard to your dining area to make it more efficient and stylish. An attractive storage solution for your living area is a designer sideboard. Come view all of our sideboard options online.

Chest Of Drawers:

The Longest Stay offers a variety of chests of drawers with soft edges that gently close. Your bedroom will be as quiet as ever with a beautiful chest of drawers. Isn't a Chest of Drawers the perfect fit for you, standing in the corner of your room, looking sleek and carrying all you need?

How to Choose Right Modern Sideboard Cabinet For Your Home -

If you are buying sideboards online for your house, you'll need to narrow down your options while keeping several factors. This would be contingent on: 

- The number of drawers and cabinets you want.

- The height of the cabinet.

- You would wish to have a specific type of sideboard, such as low price vs high price, distinctive colour, wooden or another material.

- Cutlery, placemats, and napkins are frequently stored in cabinets with drawers in the dining room.

Why Should You Buy Sideboard Cabinets From The Longest Stay?

The Longest Stay has a wide selection of online furniture in the UK for almost every corner of your home. The wooden cabinets and sideboards listed here are designed and constructed with high-quality materials and outstanding finishes for various rooms and interior spaces within the home. 

The sideboard cabinets are long-lasting, resilient, and highly user-friendly. Buyers can have their interior space planned and modelled according to their convenience, budget, and specifications, depending on how much they want to pay. Every budget can be met with a variety of items. Shop designer and modern sideboard cabinets online.

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