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Tables. Designer tables for a home so beautiful you’ll never want to leave (WHEN BUYING) (BUY) DESIGNER TABLES - THE TOP TIPS FROM OUR STYLING EXPERTS Our unique collection of designer tables needs only a touch of pizzazz to make them truly stand out in your interiors scheme. To begin with, learn the art of editing. That is, ensure that what you have displayed on your furniture is needed and that it also looks beautiful. Sofas often demand adjacent surfaces, opt for a side table from our online collection that complements it in colour or texture. It will immediately ground your sofa and stop it from looking like it’s floating. BE CREATIVE WITH ARRANGEMENT You can also use one of our unique side tables as a bedside table, there is no rule saying you can’t! Unless you have hanging pendant lights or a wall light, your table lamp will most likely take the most amount of space. Opt, for a directional light so it’s easier to adjust when you’re reading your favorite book at night. Frame your favorite photograph, quote or artwork to add height to your display but also a smile to your face. We also recommend adding a cool clock to your nightstand table, this encourages you to leave your phone outside and achieve a good night sleep. COFFEE STYLE IS NOT JUST IN A CUP. COFFEE TABLES DECOR IS TO BE SAVOURED If it’s a coffee table you’re styling then you must remember proportions are key. Whether it’s a designer piece that sits outdoors with your garden furniture or indoors, focus on the birds-eye view. At The Longest Stay, we aim to choose pieces that already have captivating surfaces, and creating points of interest like sculptures, lighting and books only adds to their charm. We understand that buying coffee tables online may be a tricky so we do our utmost best to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision. And where possible we will send you a video of the product you’re looking to purchase. Our customer styling support team is ready to make your experience an enjoyable affair. The same goes with our designer side tables. Speaking of designer tables, we pride our selves with having a vast array of options for the most discerning interiors enthusiast and we scour the world looking not only for the best, but also the most innovative and interesting pieces. They’re are not run of the mill. It’s designer furniture at its best.

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