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Benches and Stools

Chairs. LUXURY CHAIRS TO MIX & MATCH IN STYLE CHOOSE FROM STATEMENT CHAIRS, DINING CHAIRS, ARMCHAIRS OR OUR UBER COOL BENCHES AND STOOLS TO GIVE YOUR HOME THE CHICEST VIBES  Your home deserves to be an oasis of comfort and style. We have travelled the world to source an array of luxury chairs that will infuse sophistication into your interiors while creating the perfect place for you to sit and relax after a long day. From dining chairs and armchairs, to benches and stools – you are spoilt for choice! Our diverse range of products will suit a variety of interior styles and tastes, making them ideal for any home. If you’re the adventurous kind check out our accent chairs, place it near your luxury sofa and Volia! We have a soft spot for eclectic design, and our pieces are screaming to be mixed up. We recommend, keeping the colour of your chairs consistent but go wild with their shapes. Italian brands such as Moroso, have an array of chairs in exciting forms and next to one of their quintessentially Italian sofas — it’s a match made in designer furniture heaven. Giving your dining room a much needed update doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. Getting a new set of dining chars is an easy way to freshen things up. If you’r thinking you need to also buy a new dining table, think again. Mixing and matching is allowed! To keep the look from looking cohesive, connect all the parts with simple design elements like shape and colour. Find countless excuses to gather around the dining room table with our luxury chairs combined with out statement chairs. Get ready to make your living space shine!

  • Starting at: £118