We’re always excited when interiors trend reports are released — generally at the beginning of the year — and this year was no different. Eporta, a growing interiors marketplace, and leading trend service WGSN launched their latest interior trend report 2018/19 and we’re giving you all the juicy details. 


Orange, Yellow and Pink hues.


The report found that over the past three months the fastest rising colour is orange, then yellow and finally pink. While red is the most searched colour on eporta. And whilst mixing these colours will result in a beautiful sunset aesthetic, we also love how each colour works independently from each other. 


sunset interiors_the longest stay

A touch of teal will make these burnt orange hues really stand out!


As you may well remember, 2017 was all about tropical green, warm neutrals, and classic camel accents, this year, colour palettes have taken an edgier turn. And we love it! Think fiery reds that mix brilliantly with metallics and even some ultra violet accents — the Pantone colour of the year. These home decor trends will continue to make their way into our visual design mood boards and here are the products that capture this vibe to a T.


eclectic decor reds from the longest stay

Do-lo-rez sofa by Moroso

Persian Polka Dot by Mineheart

Navy blue cushion by Bivain 

Isabella cushion by Mineheart

Golden goblet by Feu de Beaumont



Sophisticated Pendant Lights


Meanwhile, if you’re ceiling isn’t high enough or grand enough for a designer chandelier light opt for a glamorous pendant. They come high up on eporta’s searches and also on the Pinterest 2018 Home Report. One of our favourite brand’s for this kind of impactful lighting is Innermost. With their use of reflective materials, glass, mirrored pieces and inventive forms they’ve got a lighting piece for everyone. Here little sneak peek of their fabulous collection!



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Speaking of mirrored pieces, we know how a mirror can make or break a room. Not only does it allow to create more space and help light bounce of different surfaces, but it can also act as a work of art. Long gone are the days of flat or frameless mirrors that add no point of interest to a wall. If you’re aiming for maximum impact, then we’ve got an array of designer mirrors that will add a third dimension to your walls. One of our favourite is the Antarctic mirror by Ginger & Jagger with its original design inspired by the movement of tectonic plates. Or if you’re really after the WOW factor, look no further than Jake Phipps’ stunning Stellar mirror.


mirrors on the wall the longest stay


Ottoman decorating ideas


When we are planning to decorate our homes with designer furniture we often think about essential pieces like sofas, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and bedroom furniture. Other pieces like ottomans, pouffes and chaise longues are often overlooked and come as an afterthought. And, sometimes, not even as a thought at all! Let’s look at the simplicity and versatility of the ottoman, a multipurpose gem that can be used as a cocktail table, gorgeous footstool for a sofa or a beautiful space-saving storage piece. They can be made from tufted fabric, leather or suede.


ottoman selection


1. Miss Feet stool by Munn

2. Riviera ottoman by Oxleys

3. Mellow stool by Munna

4. Jeane stool by Munna

5. Katakana ottoman by Dare Studio

6. Dew pouffe by Moroso


These are only a few of trends to look out for this year and next. As always, we’re here to keep you informed so keep checking back for your weekly dose of interior decor ideas and the latest brands to join our journey.