Glossary of Styles


The Scandinavian room brings the imagination to the Nordic countries, where the simplicity of life is a must. Functional furniture and a few decorations, such as natural elements are part of this design scheme, however, natural lighting and space are leading the candor of the ambiance.

Predominant colour palette: white with grey tones

Predominant materials: form-pressed wood, metals, light fabrics


The bohemian room is rich and magical, where flamboyance meets creativity.
Rich patterns and vibrant colours, red and purple tones are typical of the adventurous spirit of the style. Throws, pillows, rugs, and rugs on the wall are there to infuse warmth into the room.  Bohemian style tends to expose a mix of cultures in one room, where trinkets from travels create nomadic spirit in the air.

Predominant colour palette: vibrant colours, red and purple

Predominant materials: fabrics, textiles, metals


The minimalist room is an essential space where simplicity meets the essential. Not a lot of accessories or home décor are taking the space in this design, a few pieces create the clean magic of this room. The ultra-clean lines and the streamlined furniture reveal the functionality of this design.

Predominant colour palette: neutral


Contemporary means “at the moment”, thus it is a style in constant change that reflects the style of the moment. Today, the contemporary room is sleek and fresh space where simplicity meets sophistication.

Predominant materials: nickel, steel, natural textures

Predominant colour palette: neutrals, black and white


The traditional room is where harmony and order coexist. It is characterized by rich colours and plenty of decorative elements. Soft lines, elaborated and crafted furniture, carved wood are the qualities of this style. Classic art, antiques, heavy curtains, rugs are a must-have in traditional home décor.

Predominant colour palette: neutral paint colour; dark and rich colour

Predominant materials: mahogany, maple, and cherry; leather, velvet, and silk


The maximalist room is where imagination meets perfection. A perfect connection between aggressive colours, powerful patterns, rich fabrics and textures creates a balanced ambiance.

Predominant colour palette: bold colours, bright colours

Predominant materials: velvet, wallpaper


The focus of rustic design is infusing the room with the beauty of nature. Natural materials, such as raw wood, stone, and metals combined with a natural colour palette are a must to create a natural look.

Predominant colour palette: natural, earth tones, terracota

Predominant materials: raw wood, stone, metals


The vintage style is elegant and romantic, characterized by soft lines, elegant colours, and aged furniture which create a nostalgic and peaceful ambiance.

Predominant materials: nickel, steel, natural textures

Predominant colour palette: colours of yesterday, patterns, chintz


The industrial room presents unfinished elements to bring up the idea of the rawness of the ambiance, typical in a warehouse. High ceilings, exposed bricks walls, wooden elements are the main characters of this room. One or two colorful accessories, such as artwork, can be added to slightly break the neutral design scheme.


Shabby chic is a feminine vintage-inspired style with contemporary accents, where the touch of delicacy is the master in this style. Elegant and cozy feelings infuse the air of the shabby chic design. Pieces of furniture passed down from one generation to another are a symbol of uniqueness of this style. Each generation gives his own touch of painting to create a special and personal piece. Painted wood is a typical technique to use to give the aged appearance of furniture.

Predominant material: painted wood, linen textiles

Predominant colour palette: white, cream, pastel hues and earth rich tones


The modern room is characterized by simplicity, clear and distinct lines are the elements of this design. The overall sharpness is noticeable using clean materials and a simple colour palette. Not many decorations are involved within this design, every corner of the room presents clean accessories and furniture.Predominant colour palette: inky blacks, stark whites, grays, and cool neutrals

Predominant colour palette: inky blacks, stark whites, grays, and cool neutrals

Predominant materials: steel, glass, and metal


The coastal room is a peaceful and cozy place, completely inspired by the ocean and relaxed beach life. The coastal style is all about creating a serene place that reminds us of the breeziness of the ocean. Neutral shades combined with blues and greens, large windows are the core features to create a bright and luminous space.

Predominant material: natural materials, white wood, rattan, light fabrics

Predominant colour palette: airy colours with cool neutral shades paired with blues and greens