Trend Alert: Wool & Sheepskin for your home

If you’ve got an eye for style (of course you do!), you’ve probably seen a fair share of this luscious material featured about. Aside from a very chic look, we love sheepskin and sheepskin-like upholstery fabric because it can instantly transform your abode. But it’s not all about this fluffy textile, wool adds comfort and warmth to an interior like no other material does. Wool is naturally hard-wearing, sustainable, insulating and can be easily cleaned. Utility aside, wool can be exquisite when used in the right setting with a touch of lux.

Cutie Armchair by Munna

The best way to use a sheepskin, especially during the colder months, is to add it to modern chairs with a rigid seat. We love Acrila’s Cali collection, which features either a rounded or squared structure crafted in their signature acrylic material. To add an eye-catching aspect to your living room, pair these transparent chairs with a bright or black sofa.

Vis-à-Ais De Gala Sofa by BD Barcelona (middle)
Rounded Print Wood Legs Chair by Acrila (left) 
Squared Print Chair by Acrila (right) 

One of our newest arrivals – and also one of our favourites – is the Ivy armchair by Mambo Unlimited Ideas. It boasts a mid-century silhouette that is immediately softened by its white lamb woolly back, its black lacquered feet and gold metal applications punctuate its luxurious and playful feel.

Ivy Armchair by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Speaking of furniture from the 20th century, Pierre Paulin’s pieces for Artifort incite 60s nostalgia and a sense of timeless style. It is no surprise that its smooth fabric-covered shell is 90% wool for softness and 10% helanca for the perfect fitted tailoring. Not all wools are the same so you want to avoid bad wool upholster as it may result in scratchy and stiff seating.

Globe Lounge Chair & Footrest by Artifort

Wool has a variety of uses in interior décor, for example, if you’re looking to soundproof a room lining the walls with wool will keep sound levels contained. However, if you don’t own a cinema room or sound-mixing studio, you’re in luck. One of the most effective ways of incorporating this trend is through home accessories such as rugs, throws and cushions. Wool has the ability to absorb colour extremely well and holds dye even through the daily wear and tear of life. It is also not uncommon to mix wool with silk, which usually means higher knots per square inch. This is an indicator if its quality and craftsmanship, plus it dons a softer finish and a subtle lustre. Italian brand Illulian create stunning rugs with this fruitful combination. 


House Rules Rug by Illulian
Selection of throws by Oyuna

However, if you’re after something a little gentler on the wallet then opt for a rug by Asiatic. With a variety of designs and patterns, made of 100% tufted wool, these rugs are ideal for high traffic areas at home.

rug rug
Camden Rug by Asiatic

We can’t sign off without giving you an option that may be a tad out of the box, but if we stayed in the box – then we wouldn’t be The Longest Stay. Mineheart’s Renaissance rug is not made of wool or sheepskin. Nevertheless, its irregular shape is that of a cowhide with a digitally printed work of art and tufts of faux fur. It’s also hypoallergenic, washable and always lays flat. Practical and artistic. Is this your kind of rug?

rug rug
Renaissance Cowhide Rug by Mineheart 

There’s no doubt, the warmth and style of these materials are definitely on our cool radar.