Unique Wall Decor Ideas: Clocks

“The hours of folly are measured by the clock; but of wisdom, no clock can measure.” – William Blake


We know no home accessory can measure wisdom but you’d be wise to use an accent piece, like a stunning designer clock, to bring style to your home in time for Spring daylight saving. When faced with a blank canvas, opt for any of these functional clocks that double up as as works of art.


Simple and Minimal

Designed by Pascal Tarabey for Diamantini & Domeniconi this maxi-sized lacquered white clock is the perfect addition to a contemporary modern home. The combination of wood and glass with black sans serif numbers achieves the perfect balance between style and function.


diamantini & domenicani clocks

Big time clock (left)

Cipasso cuckoo clock (right)


Modern Tradition

If you love the traditional cuckoo clock but prefer a modern take on its design, check out the laser-cut metal clock by Pascal Tarabey for Diamantini & Domeniconi. Evocative of a forest scene, this cuckoo clock is equipped with a built in light sensor to ensure it does not ‘cuckoo’ at night. We love how the red one packs a punch of colour, whilst the white and black finish easily adapt to any interior decor scheme. 


modern coco clock



We love design that is both functional and eccentric, so when Mineheart created these wonderful porcelain wall clocks we could not help but jump for joy. Inspired by great cities of the world including Paris, London and New York, these high quality German quartz pieces are ideal for your office, dining or living room. Create drama by displaying many of them on your favourite feature wall.


Drama Rama Mineheart


Double Duty

Part mirror, part clock, this reflective timepiece is a welcome addition to any contemporary interior. With the added benefit of a mirrored surface — reflecting light, brightening and expanding your living space — the Riflesso wall clock by Paolo Imperatori is geometric design at its best!


Riflesso clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi

 Riflesso clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi


Natural Time

If you’re attracted and inspired by natural materials then these pieces are for you. The Pill clock’s smooth wooden surface features simple clock hands that complement its face. Available in five different hues we’re certain there is one for your home’s colour scheme. Alternatively, for something less ordinary opt for the Gomitolo big wall clock. It features, a removable knitted cotton cover that sits perfectly alongside the rigid formality of time. 


Pill Clock, Gomotolo Big Wall ClockPill clock (left)

Gomitolo big wall clock (right)


Not quite for your walls, but this uber cool table clock by Established & Sons is a must.


established and sons


Any of these unique clocks is bound to make a splash at home, which one is your favourite? And don’t forget clocks go forward one hour on the 25th of March!