Trends For 2017

We’re not far away from saying goodbye to 2016 now, so we thought it was time to look ahead to the designer furniture trends sure to be ‘in’ in 2017. Of course, no one has a crystal ball, and if our research has told us anything, it’s that lots of people have very different ideas about what’s in store for 2017. However, there are some clear trends that everyone seems to agree on, and though we will see a continuation of some of the trends of 2016, 2017 has lots of new ideas for us!

Pantone's Spring Colours

Don’t worry, your gorgeously elegant pink, blue and grey pastel colours aren’t out of style quite yet – you don’t need to redecorate your whole house immediately. However, be warned, pastels with stronger hues are coming for spring. Pantone’s top ten colours for Spring 2017 are a mix of softer tones continuing on from 2016 such as the lovely and relaxed subdued blue shade Niagara, and bold, more vibrant shades which draw their inspiration from exotic destinations such as Primrose Yellow and Pink Yarrow. In 2017, we will get a light introduction to these colours, with bold accent pieces like the Artifort Tulip Lounge Chair or the Artifort Mushroom Footstool acting as a fresh way to brighten up your rooms. These strategic pops of colour will rejuvenate your room, while not tampering with the elegance of your pastel foundation colours.


With modern day technology enabling designers to think bigger than ever before, designs that people could have only dreamed of in the 1960s and 1970s are going to emerge in 2017. Expect to see smooth curves and abstract shapes in gorgeously bold furniture ensuring a thoroughly retro feel. For instance, pieces like the Artifort Le Chat Lounge Chair exude an authentic 70s feel yet will fit in extremely well with contemporary interiors. Products like the Bat Eye Fairytale Cocktail Cabinet by Marco Sousa will introduce a touch of old school glamour with its sleek and elegant detailing, and will make the perfect accent piece to 2016’s subdued pastel toned interiors.

Brass & Bronze

2016 was mostly filled with copper and rose gold in terms of metal interiors, but brass and bronze are taking over in 2017 and they are not hiding away in your kitchens and bathrooms anymore. Taking on the responsibility of warming up homes this spring, brass and bronze are going to make their entrance in both small and large pieces. Stunning products such as the Koket Eternity Chandelier III or the Boca do Lobo Newton Gold Myrtle Dining Table, which exude sophistication and class, will be making their way into our living rooms, acting as mesmerising centrepieces, while smaller items such as the Diamantini & Domeniconi Oro Wall Clock will bring chic touches of warmth and glamour into your home.


Succeeding the mirror trend that proved incredibly popular in 2016, reflective materials are going to be brightening up our homes next year. Glossy products such as the Innermost Boule Pendant Lamps will add a casual class to our homes, whether you decide to position them in a small cluster above a dining or coffee table or dot them around the room. Their gorgeously polished surfaces will reflect natural light from your windows and other light sources while emitting a stunning glow themselves. Similarly, the Tonin Casa Quiet Coffee Table’s reflective glass surface top will not only make an eye catching focal point in your living room, but will encourage light into your room.

Return of the Dining Room

2017 is going to see the return of the dining room. Although many of us have been enjoying relaxed and free open plan homes where the dining table is part of the kitchen, and sometimes the living room too, next year is going to see a move towards separate rooms for dining. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be an incredibly formal space – in fact, more rustic and casual themes are going to be explored in 2017. Products like the Table Makers Soho Dining Table will make for an excellent base in a dining room, giving you the scope to either put it together with matching chairs or a bench, or to add a little colour into the room with some contrasting pieces. Miss-matched rooms are also set to be a big trend, and so the Cassina 280 Zig Zag Chairs, which are available in several different colours, will pair fantastically with a designer dining table, introducing a contemporary flair with their geometric design and bold colours.

Modular Furniture

Sure to have an impact in 2017 is modular furniture, in particular sofas, such as the Moroso M.A.S.S.A.S. Sofa, which exudes an effortless style along with practicality. The adaptability and functionality of these types of sofas is brilliant for modern day living where things are in a constant state of change. Allowing for customisation with accessories such as side tables, storage compartments and stools, and for moulding the seating to fit your needs, these sofas truly challenge conventional ideas of home decor. This modular quality seems to be expanding into other furniture too, such as in the Wewood Hexa Coffee Table which can be placed in a set of two or three or more to create a larger coffee table.

If these trends don’t get you excited for 2017, we don’t know what will! Have a look on our website for more furniture that epitomises these new trends.