Stylish Storage Ideas

At The Longest Stay, we know homes can get cluttered, especially around this time of year when you’re attempting to find hiding places away from prying eyes for soon to be wrapped gifts. What better way to deal with a little bit of clutter than with some stylish storage? From sleek sideboards, to elegant cabinets and chest of drawers that catch the eye to shelving units that exude a chic modernity - we have various options ready for you to pick from. Who needs to go out to furniture stores when you have The Longest Stay? Here are just a few storage pieces to give you some ideas for your home.


The stunning Malabar Virtuoso Cabinet, a captivating piece of art in itself, will make an incredibly stylish addition to your home. Its intricately detailed handcrafted floral pattern tiles contrast beautifully with the polished plank of ironwood beneath creating a piece that exudes Portuguese charm. This cabinet will hide away your home accessories flawlessly while adding a touch of class and sophistication to your room. Similarly, the Julian Chichester Pollock Cabinet will prove to be an ideal place to store your personal affects, while its exquisite features like its black vellum panelled doors ensure this cabinet will have a fantastic impact in your room. Fitted with one fixed shelf and three other adjustable shelves, this piece can be tailored to suit your needs, while its distinctive design and unusual skin makes for a truly individual cabinet.

Tonin Casa

The Tonin Casa Honey Sideboard collection is absolutely stunning, combing creative design with a stylish flair. The mirrored surface behind the perfectly cut wooden panels make for delightful pieces that will both help lighten your home due to their reflective surface and attract attention, while providing a large space perfect for storing away those Christmas presents. Available in either a matte white or honey finish, pieces from this collection are sure to add a distinctive style to your room. 

CappelliniFor a more unusual storage resource for your home, look no further than the fabulously eccentric Cappellini Revolving Chest of Drawers - a bold statement piece sure to completely rejuvenate a room. This chest of drawers is daring in design yet extremely functional, with twenty drawers that are artistically displayed to revolve around a vertical metal support. Its inventive design paired with its vibrant red polish acrylic material make for a quirky and eye catching piece – a storage unit ideal for a modern home in need of an organisational masterpiece.Misura Emme

The imaginative yet simplistic Misura Emme Tenso Bookshelf is ideal for adding a quirky feel to your home. Its smooth curvatures create an interesting and sleek aesthetic that ensure it will attract the eye while acting as a chic storage unit in your room. However, if you decide the curved feature isn’t for you or you just decide your room needs a change, its steel cable allows you to straighten the bookshelf whenever you like making for a more traditionally inspired piece. This adaptable unit is sure to suit your room and style and is perfect for displaying your favourite books.

Universo PositivoWe shouldn’t always hide our effects away – in fact, putting them on view helps to create a more personal and homely feel to a room, enabling your friends and guests to feel welcomed. The Universo Positivo Ribbon Shelf is ideal for proudly displaying your treasured belongings. This shelf sits perfectly on the wall, and will look especially stylish in a cluster of three with a few of your beautifully bound books and small trinkets sat on it. The simplistic nature of the shelf will allow for your possessions to take centre stage, but that won’t stop you wanting to show off their incredibly sleek design. The charming oak wood combined with the bold dark metal frame makes for a gorgeous contrast, perfect for adding a contemporary style to a room.

We hope we’ve given you some storage inspiration with this blog – take a look on our website for more sideboards, cabinets, chest of drawers and shelving units!