Trend Alert: Opulent Interiors

When we talk about opulent interiors, one could easily think about Versailles in France, Louis XV furniture, overly ornate and carved wood pieces, and lots of gold leafing. That’s not quite what we’re talking about. It’s a renaissance. It's more about an expression of artistic taste rather than an overt display of wealth. Just like minimalism, if not done artfully and correctly, it will just look like a big mess. Here’s how to get it right…


Alexandra Cabinet by Luxurious Living

We’ve done plenty of luxury projects for private clients in our time, and while we’ve always aimed for comfort and cosiness, we’re all about adding something unexpected and striking that pushes the boundaries. Start with one statement piece like a designer sofa or armchair made with velvet – a soft dense pile that screams luxury and is incredibly tactile. Have you ever tried to walk past velvet upholstery without copping a feel?


Gulp Armchair by Adrenalina

This luxe look is heavily influenced by 1920’s Art Deco and the fashions of 18th century France. Maximalist style may be overwhelming to some — especially minimalists and others who hate clutter — but it does have its benefits. Decorating without paying care to the restrictions of minimalism makes it easier for you to express your eclectic style and experiences.


Timure Boat Table by Gila Timur
330 ST Chair in dark blue and azure blue by Thonet

Metallics tend to lend visual oomph whenever incorporated into a design scheme. It might be that you only use one particular piece in your interior décor, like a designer coffee table, a mirror or side table. It’s a subtle addition that will work wonders when teamed with a velvet sofa or armchair. 


1. Vine Tryptic Mirror by Ginger & Jagger
2. York Centre Table by Mambo Unlimited Ideas
3. Paris Moonlight Kaleidoscope Table by Rue Monsieur Paris

When an item is larger than one might expect, it tends to read as more opulent than the same item of a more expected size. More importantly, playing with size in your space allows for an unexpected arrangement. A great way of incorporating this is through lighting pieces, like the Giant floor lamp by Anglepoise. Available in thirteen different hues, there is one to suit every colour scheme.


Jewel tones are a must when we talk about opulent interiors, highly saturated hues work wonders when creating a sense of more is more. Think emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, topaz, or turquoise. Take a look out our selection of accessories below to complete the look.  


Meltdown Pendant Light by Cappellini
Princess Flamina Cushion by Mineheart
Talon Red Tumbler Set by Waterford

While white is an easy colour, you must know that when light interacts with white it can be very static as it reflects all the colours at once. On the contrary, a dark colour gets interesting as the light in the room changes in the day so does a dark wall colour. This also applies to black. Metallics, velvets and jewel colours look amazing against a dark wall or wallpaper (if you don’t want to fully commit!). So, we say, go for it!

So what do you think, is there room in your home for a little opulence?