6 Must Have Furniture to Upgrade Your Home Office

There is still plenty of debate surrounding office productivity versus home office productivity. A recent Harvard study suggests that people that work from home get more done per day than their office environment counterparts.

There is no denying that at home, you can control how your space is designed and you can really make it feel your own. This in turn may inspire you to get things done in a timely manner and with an abundance of inspiration.

We’ve curated a selection of some of our most stylish pieces to give your home office a well-deserved upgrade.

Sit in style & comfort

Nothing boosts your efforts more than sitting comfortably at your desk. Modern chairs can look good, there is no denying it, but if not designed adequately they can end up causing back, shoulder and neck pain; making it impossible to focus on your work. Here’s a selection of our favourite ones, without compromising on style.

office chair

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter

It’s the rule of the mind. If you have a clean and organised space, it will help structure your ideas and workload, and you’ll be able to complete tasks and cross out your to-do list. And we all know how good that feels, right?

Think beyond your desk

Upgrade the rest of your living space. Spend some time as soon as you wake up, or better yet, the night before organising your living space. Check out our selection of designer sideboards that are excellent for keeping your space looking and feeling in tip-top condition.

Water to hydrate

Keep a jug of water and a glass on your desk (Careful! Not too close to your computer) but accessible enough that you can easily reach it and help yourself to a lush glass of lime or cucumber flavoured water. Flavouring water gives it an instant upgrade and will align with the rest of your space

Scent of a room

Move through blockages and stressful moments by keeping a calming scented candle, essential oils, or some greenery in your home office. These will help your mind keep calm and think through the problem or situation.

Colour Psychology

We all know colour has an effect on our mood and environment, why not inject some into your working space to bring added style and positivity?

Red: supports your mind in dealing with certain, detailed tasks and some say can give you a confidence boost when negotiating deals.

Blue: blue hues in your workspace promote calming and relaxing vibes, as well as, aid your performance in creative tasks.

Green: is the overall winner as a promoter of positivity and creativity.

Peruse our entire range of home office furniture for more options and styles.