How many years have we been to Maison Objet? Well, never too many. Scouring the huge halls is never an easy feat but the more we do it, the better we get at it. Armed with a plan and a shopping list we entered. And at our own peril we discovered…


Curve Ball

Designer furniture and home accessorieswith soft curves was the talk of the town. There’s something very soothing about non-existent edges, it appeals to our inherent attraction to circular forms. It’s proven that circular objects activate a part of our brain that brings us joy. Have you seen this TED talk? Anyway, we digress. Pill shaped design takes us back to the 70s, it’s glam and it’s groovy. We love it! From long pile rugs, to plush velvet sofas and curvilinear furniture we’re ready to go back.




Rugs like Art

We saw beautiful statement rugsthat look almost too incredible to stand on! The geometric patterns and irregular shapes of the Ultimate Bliss Rug by Mae Engelgeer for CC Tapis caught our eye from a distance. A very different vibe, but equally stunning was the Seletti stand and their collaboration with Toilet Paper Magazine. We’d like to call it, WTF design. And we love it.





Seletti wears Toilet Paper


Outdoors in Style

We were drawn like a month to a flame by the green neon sign of Paris-based brand Nows Home. Even in the cold Parisian winter we felt warm and tropical walking through their display were travels from around the globe inspire founder and designer Natalie Levisse.



Fit for a Queen

The design style present at Maison is as varied as the number of halls in the fair, but we couldn’t help but notice this beautiful sofa and armchair by no other than Koket. Plush velvet, incredibly soft to the touch, enveloping forms and soft curves. Feminine and ultra-sophisticated too.




Small is Beautiful

This is “jewellery for your home” as described by Julie Hugau half of Danish brand Reflections. The geometric shapes and saturated hues of their crystal table décor made it impossible not to love. Previously a jewellery designer, they’ve taken home decoration to the next level, and each piece is like a giant jewel in your home. At the same time, we saw Mario Cioni’sartistic crystal collection and it’s as refined as it is unique, whilst Ooummshowed us a selection of luxury scented candlesand diffusers ranging from bitter orange blossom, to cedar, Siberian pine, verbena, rosemary and sage. 




Saying Hello

We always leave some space in our day to visit our current partners and say hello. We also use this opportunity to take a look at their new collections and update our selection available online. Dellightfuland Illulianhave beautiful new pieces that we will soon be adding to our collection.