Interior design trends: Why We’re Loving Terracotta

Its timeless appeal, one that has been part of our interior and exterior architecture for centuries, and rustic charm make terracotta a keeper in our books. It’s the natural stone of the past so if you want to stay ahead of the curve here are a few ideas on how to incorporate it into your home decor. 


Designer Furniture and Home Accessories

You don’t necessarily have to opt for the natural stone, we suggest a modern armchair or contemporary designer sofa in a classic burnt orange hue to give your interiors warmth and an almost Mediterranean appeal. Think beyond the famous terracotta floor tiles and plant pots, and have fun with it. It’s the go-to shade for chic inspiring interiors, home accessories and stylish soft furnishings.


terracotta product display the longest stay

Orange & Taupe throws by Oyuna

Ceramic orange vase by Atipico

Earth Holborn rug by Asiatic

Saari armchair in tan by Arper


Another Brick in the Wall

With more that 200 million people using Pinterest around the world each month, it’s no surprise that related saves for terracotta have gone up by 95% in the UK in the past year. To create a feature wall in your sitting area or bedroom go for a rich earthy red and brown hue, toasted shades like cinnamon, rust, ochre, pale pink or burgundy. 


feature wall bedroom and light the longest stay

Black Cairo wall lamp by Mullan Lighting


How to Combine It 

To keep this trend looking fresh, combine these earthy tones with bold prints and botanical themes. This technique is sure to enhance even the coldest spaces. Don’t get us wrong, we still love using things like concrete, and metallics to decorate our client’s homes. However, if you’re looking for a connection to nature—terracotta and botanicals—are the earthiest thing on earth.



Burnt Orange and Cinnamon three seater by Moroso

Botanical wallpaper by Mind the Gap

London and St.Barths cushion by Alexandra D. Foster


Modern Comfort

Another way to bring a little comfort into your home with this vibrant shade is to keep it looking modern by combining it with ultra modern and sleek furniture. For instance, something as minimal as these tan leather and white leather modern chairs by Noor11 will look lovely when placed below these modern designer lighting pieces by Gubi.


modern chairs the longest stay

Orange pendant light by Gubi

Light blue perforated metal pendant light by Gubi


Terracotta as a Neutral Shade

Sherry says, “terracotta is a very neutral colour”, it can be your “base colour as opposed to beige or off-white, so you can layer other colours over it”. Play with complementary opposites like ice-cool pale blues and greens. Or go for something unexpected a là TLS and pair with other hot colours like pink, peach, brass accents and green marble.


hot and cold hues -

Dusty Blue 1227 pendant light by Anglepoise

Hot pink armchair by Koket

Printed glass coffee table by Unlimited Mambo Ideas


Think Small

If you’re unsure how to start dipping your toes into this versatile material and colour, then think small. There are plenty of home accessories that tend to be metallic, which may feel slightly more engineered, instead opt for these beautiful hand crafted pieces by Hend Krichen. They immediately add warmth and domesticity, the perfect marriage between craft and modernity.


Hend Kritchen -


When we think of terracotta our mind travels to Latin America, Spain, and Provence but there’s also a British side to this story. In the past it has been used in bricks, garden planters and chimney pots, and today in bigger décor pieces. However, when you look at this versatile colour we’re sure it will go beyond the “trend” and remain as our go-to version of a neutral hue.


How would you use it at home?