Inspiration: Transform Your Home With Wallpaper

Changing the look of a room in your home can sometimes feel like a daunting task. There is lots of conflicting advice on how exactly to do this, often detailing very extravagant ways to alter your home – from completely redecorating and drastically changing colour schemes to even buying a whole new range of designer furniture. At The Longest Stay, we know that even the smallest of changes can rejuvenate a space. Using wallpaper is an ideal way to renew your home, whether you decide to wallpaper the entire room or create a feature wall. Take a look below at some of our fantastic wallpaper products!

Introducing a splash of colour into a space with wallpaper is the perfect way to brighten a more subdued and classically styled room without changing your furniture. The Mineheart Colour Block Panelling Wallpaper combines a gorgeous grey tone, which will suit pastel interiors, with vibrant shades of either turquoise, rose or marine. This contrast is aesthetically striking, and bound to have a bold impact in your home. This product is inspired by the details of Georgian architecture, making for a design that boasts a stunningly classic look along with a modern twist which is reminiscent of the contemporary colour blocking trend.

More rustic interiors, inspired by nature, will contrast beautifully with the elegant furniture we have brought into our homes over the past few seasons. The NLXL Shabby Scrapwood Effect Wallpaper is fantastically made; its hues of blue mixing with the natural wood colours making for an eye catching design. The image is printed in super high resolution, meaning that the product looks so life like that you might have to reach out and touch it to check that it is just wallpaper! Depending on how much of a statement you’d like to make in your room, this wallpaper could suit a feature wall that will catch your eye while contrasting your existing furniture, but is also suitable for smaller spaces. It is becoming more and more popular to use wallpaper in walk in wardrobes and pantries in order to brighten up often forgotten about areas - the unique design of this wallpaper will make for an excellent feature in these spaces.

The Mockbee & Co Mandala Wallpaper boasts a stunning patterned design which takes inspiration from a combination of science and art. Designer Nicola Kingston focused on these concepts, creating a piece that is both geometric and infinite. The Mandala is traditionally a symbol of eternity and this beautiful wallpaper takes inspiration from this, along with imitating the geometry of many of nature’s flowers. This product comes in three gorgeous colour options – neutral, copper and blue. Due to its bold and busy design, this wallpaper will look perfect on a feature wall, or even, in just a strip on either side of a fireplace. For a more eccentric look, pairing bold design pieces such as cushions, rugs and other pieces of unique furniture with this wallpaper will make for an eclectic display that will be sure to wow your guests!

The Mineheart Photocopy Bookshelf Wallpaper will make a great feature in a home office or study. Depicting beautiful old antique books on wooden shelves in contrasting monochrome tones creates a fascinating look, replicating the design of a library or old-style reading room. The wallpaper is printed on to fine quality fabric, and has an incredibly realistic look. This wallpaper will suit most style rooms due to its black and white colour scheme. You can pair the wallpaper with monochrome furniture for a classic look, or mix with bold and colourful modern furniture for a more contemporary aesthetic.

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