Inspiration: Patterned Pieces

At The Longest Stay, we know introducing patterned furniture into your home can sometimes be a little daunting. It’s difficult to find the perfect piece that will contrast your current furniture without looking ridiculously out of place. However stressful it may be finding the right product, adding just one or two patterned pieces into a room filled with more minimalist items will have a dramatic effect, giving your room a fresh look for the New Year. Have a look below at a few of our patterned products for some inspiration!

Pattern Image 1

Patterned pieces, regardless of their size, are sure to become eye catching features in your rooms. Larger pieces, such as the Rue Monsieur Paris Tectonic Silence Cubes will, of course, attract the eye very quickly while infusing a cool and eclectic style into your home. Its striking and dynamic geometric pattern is effortlessly sleek while the product is excellently functional, acting as a fantastically versatile storage unit. If used as a single piece it makes a stylish side table, ideal for holding a contrasting lamp or bold coloured drink coasters. Alternatively, you can gather two or more, as shown in the above image, and it will become a flawlessly modern coffee table – mixing the wooden marquetry and marble marquetry versions will make for an interesting display. If you need some extra storage space, stack several pieces together and they will form a statement bookcase or wall unit. Created using a technique that consists of hand-cutting perfectly shaped fine pieces of wood and inlaying them onto a wooden surface, this piece is intricately detailed and ideal for infusing some pattern into your home.

Adding smaller accent pieces, such as soft furnishings like the Nitin Goyal Rubik Printed Silk Cushion or the Bivain Xanadu Red cushion, is a more subtle approach to bringing patterns in. These products will add a little charm and character to your room without overpowering everything else in it. The Nitin Goyal cushion exhibits a fabulous design which is digitally printed on 100% silk, making for an incredibly stylish patterned piece to add to your sofa. The Bivain cushion displays a fantastic Chinese knot design that loops over the front of the cushion with a stripe-textured red cotton polyester back. Its bold contrasting colours inspired by colour palettes from the East and intricately illustrated design will help instil a vibrancy in your home sure to uplift your living room sofa or bedding. These cushions will look great, paired with similar bold patterned cushions or for a more subtle look, with solid colour cushions.

Pattern Image 2

For a stunning geometric pattern that will make a huge statement in your home, look no further than the Acrila Nesting Tables! Displaying a monochromatic pattern which involves striking lines and geometric shapes, this is a piece of unique furniture that oozes contemporary style. While the tables are strong in terms of their design, their black and white colour scheme allows for you to integrate them into rooms that are already home to an array of different colours without fear for clashing. These tables can either be tucked away tidily for rooms in need of saving space or displayed proudly, with a vase of flowers or a collection of photo frames on top.

Moroso are a brand known for their bold and innovative designs – this is especially shown when they utilise stunning patterned materials in their exquisite products. The Moroso Shadowy Chaise Lounge, for example, features an incredibly bold aesthetic that will be sure to make it the centrepiece of your outdoor furniture. Sit back and relax in this uniquely shaped lounge chair with striped weave design and varnished steel structure. The coloured patterns are obtained from the manual weaving of different strands of polyethylene, making for a chair that exudes style while being incredibly comfortable to sit on.

If our selection of patterned pieces hasn’t inspired you, take a look at our website for more products that will make excellent additions to your home.