How to Style your Living Room Furniture: A Detailed Guide

Maximalist Design: Colour Block

Oh! the joys of colour. We are huge fans of this style of decorating, it originated from the fashion catwalks (as most interior trends tend to begin), the most prevalent example being Yves Saint Laurent’s 1968 Mondrian Collection. The 6 cocktail dresses comprised graphic black lines and blocks of white and primary colours. The idea of colour blocking is to use solid blocks of colour as opposed to stripes, textures or patterns, hence the name. It’s versatile enough that you can go for either highly saturated combinations of colour or opt for something a little subtler.

block partyYves Saint Laurent Mondrian cocktail dress
Homage to Mondrian cabinets by Cappellini

While you may execute this trend in a more Memphis style vibe, you can also mix different hues within the same colour family. This ensures that everything in the space goes together.

Do-lo-rez sofa by Moroso
Art by Tanja for TLS
Melange rug by Nani Marquina
Red ceiling light by Ango

Minimalist Design: Stylish and Functional Storage

We know buying furniture online is no easy feat. You need to imagine how it will fit into your living space before making that all-important purchase. We recommend cutting out, from construction paper, the actual size of the furniture you’d like to buy and placing it in the desired space. Honestly, it helps so much!
Then, peruse our sideboard and cabinet collection and go for something with plenty of clever storage in a nude or natural palette.


1. Crate Storage by Established & Sons
2. High Domino Rack by Universo Positivo
3. Contador cabinet by WeWood
4. Pandora sideboard by WeWood
5. Muse cabinet by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Parisian Chic: Discreet or Obvious Opulence

Whether you choose to go all out with the obvious opulence that can be found displayed in some stunning mantle pieces, or designer furniture pieces in some gorgeous Parisian homes or you like to be a little more discreet about it, it’s up to your personal style. Either way, marble is a material that must be part of your Parisian chic décor. Peruse below some marble pieces that are sure to bring out your natural French flair.

Discreet or Obvious Opulence
1. Pearl wall lamp by Ginger Jagger
2. Tectonic Silence coffee table by Rue Monsieur
3. Light House table lamp by Established & Sons
4. Alentejo side table by Insideherland
5. Hurricane lantern by Culinary Concepts
6. Round dining table by Gubi
7. Selection of candle holder by Atipico

Wooden furniture: Mixing and Matching like a Pro

Mixing different kinds of wood in your home makes the space inviting and unexpected. Generally, you don’t buy all your designer furniture in one fell swoop, so you’re probably already mixing wood furniture hues without knowing your bang on-trend. Smooth the transition between one piece of wooden furniture and the next by separating them with a contrasting rug. Since wood tones are considered ‘neutral’ in a colour palette, it’s easy to pair them with an array of colours and designs to achieve a visually pleasing result.

Joker rug by Illulian
Nenuphar coffee table by Ginger & Jagger
Katakan sofa by Dare Studio

Whenever you go through a design process, your home should be a harmonious collection of pieces you love, and that’s more important than following “the rules”. As always, we share with you our expert knowledge so that you make your home so beautiful that it becomes your Longest Stay.