How To Prepare Your Christmas Dining Table

Today we’d like to focus in one particular area of your home. It’s the place were we bond, connect, laugh and sometimes cry in, arguably the space where the fondest memories are made. The dining room. Read on to discover how to create a beautiful, inviting space that will inspire your guests to linger…


Pick a Colour Theme for your Designer Dining Table

It doesn’t have to be the traditional red, green or golden hues we’re so accustomed to seeing for the holiday season. However, if you’re unsure these shades are always classically beautiful. Silver and white tend to look polished and crisp, whilst burgundy accentuated with natural touches feels very modern. Or for an on trend glam and fab setting go for rose gold and copper.


1 Red Squirrel ornament by Royal Crown Derby

2 Stag tea light holder by Culinary Concepts

3 Small jar – patterned copper by Hend Krichen

4 Golden Porringer by Feu de Beaumont

5 Silver-plated container by Hend Krichen

6 Beads ceiling light by Innermost


Clear Glass

We love a space full of colour and we find that opting for a selection of clear glass goblets, wine glasses and champagne flutes allows for the rest of the décor to shine. Try leaving them on your designer sideboard or bar cart for easy access and enjoy the extra space on your dining table for a centrepiece (more on this later on). Finish the look by adding stylish Christmas baubles and festive foliage.


Bomma Dots collection


Comfortable Seating

Your guests and you are likely to spend hours reminiscing on the good, the bad and the ugly of 2020 and we know it's been an interesting year to say the least. Ensure you provide comfy seating by adding festive cushions or throws dotted around your dining chairs. We suggest cashmere throws by Oyuna or the lush touch of Bivain’s velvet cushion collection.

Tano throw by Oyuna (left)

Velvet cushion navy & white by Bivain

Ensure your table is the centre of attention with a striking centrepiece!

You can opt for a simple selection of pillar candles in differing heights alongside a holiday wreath. Use a heatproof mat to avoid any accidents. Alternatively, display festive flowers, to bring that Christmassy scent at home.

Gorgeous collection by Reflections Coppenhagen that will have your guests in awe!


Serve with Flair

Your divine Christmas meal should be celebrated by serving it in the most jaw-dropping plates. If you’re into a minimal modern Scandi aesthetic opt for Kiasmo’s Copious collection, if you prefer something more romantic and soft go for Royal Crown Derby’s Darley Abbey Harlequin collection with golden soft scalloped edges. And for something a little more unexpected and eclectic take a look at the Equus Black & Gold collection.

1 Equinox plate by Kiasmo

2 Darley Abbey Harlequin plates by Royal Crown Derby

3 Affinity plate by Kiasmo

4 Equus Black & Gold horse head plate by Royal Crown Derby


Don’t forget to add your personal touch by hand writing place cards or even write each name on a bauble with a glittery marker, which guests can then take home as a memento. The season to be jolly is truly upon us and we hope you get to spend a lovely time with your nearest and dearest. Thank you, dear reader, for your support in 2020 and see you in 2021!