How to add industrial style to your home

By: Coralie Verheyden 

You only need to take a look at the hundreds of warehouses that are being converted into luxury

apartments all over the UK to realise that the industrial look is very “in” right now. However, you

don’t need to own a penthouse loft apartment to enjoy industrial interiors, and it doesn’t need to

cost the earth:

The Longest Stay motorcycle desk lamp Coralie Verheyden

Take inspiration from what is around you

Of course, industrial style interiors are popular in homes where the furniture and fittings can reflect the heritage of the building. However, almost everything you use in your day to day life is the product of industrial design, from your food mixer to your bicycle, so industrial style is all about embracing and celebrating the man-made. 

This motorcycle desk lamp is a wonderful example, if you’re a petrol head and want to splash out on a piece with wow-factor, as it celebrates the engineering. Similarly, these pulley-inspired lights enjoy the mechanics, rather than leaving the workings to the imagination.

Pick statement pieces to add an industrial touch

Industrial interiors are typically fairly minimalist, so think about practical storage solutions that can keep down the amount of clutter. Rather than needing to spend a fortune to fill your room with designer furniture, invest in a few statement pieces that will set the mood – this coffee table with chunky metal industrial parts or a stunning dining table made from reclaimed wood, for example.

Industrial style doesn’t have to be cold

When many people think of industrial interiors they will think of cold metals, harsh materials and draughty warehouses. However, robust metals and reclaimed woods actually contrast very nicely with rugs or canvas soft furnishings. You should fill your space with worn, neutral tones to create a clean, crisp look, but the right piece of statement artwork or a rug like this pixels rug can add a splash of colour to transform a room and really make it your own.

Reclaim your own pieces on a budget

Unlike many designer styles, industrial doesn’t need to be expensive, and charity shops and junkyards can be a treasure trove of industrial items. Always keep an eye out for reclaimed wood, metal and interesting structural materials as with a bit of handy work they can be repurposed. Similarly, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty it isn’t difficult to find wooden or metal furniture that can be dipped, stripped or treated to create something really unique and characterful.

Industrial style doesn’t have to stay indoors

When people think of industrial style, most will imagine vast, sparse loft apartments, but industrial design actually works extremely well outdoors. Many people will furnish their garden, balcony or patio with furniture for its practicality and durability, resulting in characterless plastic and plain wood furniture, but the big advantage of using reclaimed industrial wood is that it is incredibly hardy so will stand up to even the harshest of winters without treatment. This garden furniture set made from reclaimed boards of industrial Douglas-fir wood are a great example.

Coralie Verheyden is the Co-Founder of BARAK’7, a European furniture brand that recently launched in the UK to offer designer industrial style furniture at High Street prices. For further information visit