Hallway Inspiration For The Festive Season

Christmas is nearly here! While most of us are frantically buying and wrapping gifts, organising the Christmas lunch menu and decorating the house from top to bottom, it’s easy to forget about what’s underneath all of the tinsel and glitter. If you’re having guests over this holiday season, then you’ll need your home to be immaculately furnished. We’ve given lots of advice on creating welcoming rooms, but the part of your home that gives your guests their first impression, the entrance hallway, is not always given the attention it deserves. Regardless of whether you have a hallway with oodles of space or a small and compact area, your hallway should welcome you and your guests in. At The Longest Stay, we would like to give you some inspiration, showing you how a few pieces of furniture and some simple home decorations can refresh your hallway while utilising its space, just in time for Christmas!

Chairs and Tables

When you enter your home after a long day, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re anything like us, you probably take your shoes off. If you have enough space in your hallway, a chair, such as the Kettal Landscape Club Armchair would be perfect, and will help you avoid having to hop around on one foot while trying to pull a boot off the other! Not only does this chair ooze a sleek and contemporary feel, but placing it near the door will provide a place for your guests to take off their shoes before they trample dirt and mud in from outside. If you need a space saving option, a stool will be a fantastic purchase for you. The Universo Positivo Metal Spook is a great product due to its versatile nature – its neutral colour scheme means it will suit most rooms and it can be used as a side table or a stool. Also, it’s great for providing extra seating this Christmas, so no one will have to sit on the floor!


Your hallway is often a place where things are abandoned – it may be your coat or your scarf, maybe few bags or possibly twelve pairs of shoes… Above are some storage solutions sure to organise your hallway excellently. A simple coat stand will make all the difference in your home and one as stylish as the Cascando Twist will keep your coats neat and tidy while infusing a natural feel in your hallway. For larger spaces, storage pieces such as the Dare Studio Dixon Modular Storage Unit will provide you with a large amount of space - the drawers in the unit are ideal for keeping scarves and gloves in along with any other possessions of yours from around the house that don’t yet have a home. The Malabar Proportion Console will provide a space for you to keep any trinkets and decorative items, while underneath is a perfect space for a couple of woven baskets, good for keeping some of your favourite shoes in.


Like the rest of your home, your hallway should reflect your personality, and so installing a few decorative pieces is a must. Perhaps you will decide to go big and bold with large statement pieces such as the LAHD Gallery Happy Family painting that will catch the eye of your guests the moment they walk in as well as adding a rich depth to the room. Alternatively, you can go smaller with a selection of vases and floral arrangements, exuding a relaxed and natural feel to your entrance hallway. Mirrors are also an excellent addition – the Boca do Lobo Liberty Mirror is a fabulous piece for a hallway, bringing a cool feminine style along with the function of brightening the room by reflecting light.


Adding designer lighting is key in transforming your entrance hallway from a dark and dull space to a bright and inviting place of beauty, especially in the gloomy months of winter. For homes with low ceilings, wall lamps are ideal. Lamps like the Ginger and Jagger Niagara Wall Lamp will light your hallway beautifully while adding an elegant flair to your home - line a few along one wall for an especially sophisticated look! For homes with a bit more space and higher ceilings, suspended lamps will be ideal for introducing a little light. Products such as the Heathfield Medina 2 Ball Pendant Lamp will be great for homes that want to bring in a little glamour, while the Innermost Core Pendant Lamps are perfect for homes that flaunt a more minimalist style.

Your hallway will be sure to impress your guests with just a few adjustments this holiday season!