Design Feature: Cappellini

Cappellini are a well-established and highly successful Italian brand that was founded in 1946. With a wealth of experience in producing creatively innovative products and an array of incredibly talented designers and architects, many of whom are leaders in the interiors and furniture industry, Cappellini have cemented their reputation for forward thinking design and extremely high quality production. Their collections are crafted with the utmost creative design flair, functionality and humour making for fascinating products - some of which have become design staples featured in top museums around the world, including the MoMA in New York and the George Pompidou Centre in Paris. Their mix of contemporary and traditional designs presented in their three separate operations - Collezione, Progetto Oggetto and Sistema – create a variety of interior pieces that demonstrate their distinctive style.

Cappellini Chairs

Over the years, Cappellini have produced some truly iconic products, but perhaps most notably, their luxury chairs, which exude a contemporary sophistication, should be especially admired. Whether flaunting eccentric structures or daring patterns, their chairs are sure to make a bold statement wherever they are placed. The Pylon Chair by Tom Dixon, for example, personifies Cappellini’s unique and quirky nature with its geometric, throne-like design and illusionary look – though this chair gives the impression that it is delicate and fragile and a thing of beauty rather than of purpose, it is actually secure and strong due to its lacquered steel wire material, making for a product that is wonderfully abstract but also functional. The Wooden Chair by Marc Newson also exemplifies Cappellini’s individual style – formed by bending natural beach wood, this piece is a sculptural masterpiece that is practical too. Its smooth flowing lines and natural material make for a casually sophisticated piece that is incredibly stylish along with being comfortable.

Cappellini Rugs

Cappellini are known for their bold and original designs – their eclectic collection of eye catching rugs prove this to be true. The Zigo Zago Rug by Carlo Colombo – one of Cappellini’s favourite desginers – particularly illustrates the brand’s originality through its almost abstract design. The vibrant rug, with overlapping orange, blue and green sections made from a mix of hand-tufted blend wool and viscose, has an incredibly soft feel, making for a rug that will add style and comfort to any room. The Mondo Rug also has an interesting design which takes inspiration from the world atlas. The rug is made from hand-tufted New Zealand wool and viscose for an incredibly soft feel underfoot. Its use of Ancient Persian pattern to outline the continents make for a unique design that will be sure to grab the eye.

Cappellini Tables

Cappellini have a stunning range of designer tables, from simplistically beautiful products to daringly inventive ones. The striking Bottle Dining Table by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby is unique in design, with its beautifully clean and smooth lines and its Calacatta white marble structure demonstrating Cappellini’s elegant and sophisticated side. Unsurprisingly, this gorgeous piece won the Wallpaper Design Award for the best table in 2007 and still proves a popular product today. The Ribbon High Stool is also a favourite among Cappellini lovers, and can act as either a stool or side table, depending on your need. Its laser cut ribbons overlap and intertwine not only forming a gorgeous design, but also a solid and stable structure. This metal plate stool is available in eye catching and bold matt lacquer blue, red or yellow, ideal for introducing a splash of colour into your home.

Finding the perfect piece for your home won’t be hard while looking through the amazing Cappellini range, but narrowing down your favourites will be!