5 Work from Home Ideas and Desk Inspiration

Struggling to create and inspiring and productive space at home in these less than ideal circumstances? Your most exciting ideas are yet to come, and during this time there is space to nurture them. With The Longest Stay’s collection you can indulge in a sleek home office that tells your personal story. Stylish solutions for your working environment come in creative details such as vertical shelving units, ergonomic chairs or potted plants.


Revolving chest of drawers by Cappelini

When it comes to being inspired to sit and go through your to-do list, excellent light is a must. We recommend having your desk by a window with plenty of natural daylight, but a desk lamp with an adjustable arm, shade or designed for a desk organisation should be at the top of your list.


1227 desk lamp by Anglepoise

Transparent phone & tablet lamp by Acrila

Organisation is key to start every workday fresh and also helps you keep your ideas and workload structured. Our selection of desks will make this a breeze. We love, Dare Studio’s Maya desk or WeWood’s clever storage solutions that keep your space looking modern but also encourages you to maintain it clutter-free.


Maya desk by Dare Studio

Bolsa desk with cork by WeWood

Metis desk by WeWood


Nothing boosts your efforts more than sitting comfortably at your desk. Modern chairs can look good; there is no denying it. However, if not designed adequately they can end up causing back, shoulder and neck pain, making it impossible to focus on your work. Here’s a selection of our favourite ones, without compromising on style.


  1. Croix chair by Mambo Unlimited Ideas
  2. Monsieur T chair by Munna
  3. Baker chair by Dare Studio
  4. Hudson chair by Emeco
  5. Patch chair by Artifort
  6. Ava chair by Mambo Unlimited Ideas


We don’t all have the space to have our home office in one room or one big area, but that’s ok. We’ve got some clever workstations, which need no more than a little nook in your home to feel at home. Design You Edit creates furniture with stress-resistant polyurethane foam that is incredibly comfortable and can withstand plenty of wear and tear. With a futuristic vibe, these pieces are one of a kind!


Globus workstation by Artifort

Aleaf chair workstation by Design You Edit

Aku chair workstation by Design You Edit

Last but not least, don’t forget your walls. Create large mood boards with inspiring quotes, artwork and lay a cushion or throw on your chair in a colour or pattern that complements your scheme. It will also add comfort while you work.

Do you have any decorating or organising tips you couldn’t leave without? Tell us in the comments below!