Brand Focus: Kiasmo

If you’re looking for luxury gifts that make an impact, then look no further than Italian brand Kiasmo. Established in 2011 by Vincenzo d’Alba (designer), Francesco Maggiore (creative director) and Mauro Melissano (CEO) their fruitful allegiance has given birth to an exciting collection of products in four specific areas: architecture, art, design, fashion. The firm’s strategic location in Ruffano, Province of Lecce in Italy – the most southern tip of the boot – means Mediterranean vibes heavily influence their pieces.


Ironic and irreverent, Kiasmo’s plate collection showcases their staple black & white graphic designs with touches of gold. They are contemporary pieces with a slight obsessive and surreal air that would sit perfectly on your dining table or even displayed as art on a feature wall.


Looking at each of the plate’s designs in detail, one can appreciate the extreme design devotion, its timeless style and the highest Italian craftsmanship tradition. For instance, the Architecture collection – probably the most graphic and linear of all – feels contemporary, reminiscent of the skyscrapers of today with an experimental three-dimensional viewpoint.

plate collection

Window plate (left)
Crack plate (center)
Pyramid plate (right)

By contrast, the Paradise collection showcases organic lines with intricate hand drawn illustrations and dashes of gold that bring each design to life. Pair these with the jet-black glassware collection by David Redman for the ultimate modern table setting.


Snike plate (top left)
King plate (bottom left)
Castle plate (bottom right)
Apology plate (top right)
Jet-black Crystal champagne flutes by David Redman 

For those of us with a slightly fanatical streak on the art of doodling, the Copious collection is the ideal choice. Vincezo d’Alba has truly excelled in creating drawings that make you take a closer look at the plates. Each piece has an inscription on the back that details the year of production, materials, and is signed by the designer himself. They’re functional works of art.


Oneiric plate (left)
Loam plate (center)
Affinity plate (right)

If you prefer a minimal approach to design, lines and colour then opt for the Overlook collection. The name almost suggests that you may pass by these plates and not even notice them. In fact, their ultra simple lines and drawings achieve the opposite effect. Take a look for yourself…


Last plate (left)
Dreamer plate (center)
Past plate (right)
Pair with clear glassware from the Waterford or Bomma for a clean look.

As a home decoration store we’re lucky to feature these limited edition plates, which not only showcase their ‘Made in Italy’ style but also an elegant use of natural materials and monochromatic design. Which collection speaks to you?