7 Trends You Need to Know for 2021

Mend + Making Do

Due to the pressing conversation around sustainability in the world - buying less and buying better is at the forefront of our minds. But what about all of the ‘stuff’ we already have? A tradition in Japan, ‘boro’, meaning born-out-of-necessity patchworking, will become the norm. The '20s will see the rise of making do and mending – it will be an honour to give attention to those items in need of repair. Inherited furniture pieces will be given a new lease of life with craftsmanship and handiworkd. So, what will you fix first?


Kintsugi Collection by Seletti

The Roaring 20s

It’s officially the ’20s again, and we’re throwing it back to the Roaring 1920s. Whether you love Jazz Age decor, historic homes, or just learning how people lived 100 years ago, this trend is re-imagined for 2020. Filled with luxurious fabrics, sharp lines, mixed metallics, and rich colour palettes, Art Deco style decor is both glamorous and eclectic.

art deco inspired living room


The mystical and astrological symbology take center stage with this trend. It’s about escapism and giving our home a bit of the occult. Think black and golden hues, alongside mythological or space-related wallpapers. Candles and incense add an olfactory element to your décor and it’s the first thing that creates memories.

Sci-fi Wallpaper by Mind the Gap

Full Bloom

Glorious florals will never go out of style. They’re feminine and sophisticated and work wonders when paired with solid hues. Think statement florals as opposed to the dainty and petite flowers. If florals are not your thing, there are some options which are more abstract and can be less obvious.

flowers with waterford vase


A mash-up of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a hybrid trend bringing together the best of these two much-loved styles. This trend is the one for you if your home is your sanctuary and you take a less-is-more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette.

Protest Art

Just how do you give the rooms in your home a whole new, on-trend look and mix it all up a bit? The quickest and most effective way to switch up your home decor is to add in new framed prints, posters and art, which will completely revamp any space. However, we’re taking it step further. We’re thinking beyond our walls, and how pieces (furniture, art, decorative pieces or rugs) can bring a streak of rebellious nature into our home. We’ve seen it everywhere in our current climate. From Extinction Rebellion to Brexit protests.

illullian downtown rug

Downtown Rug by Illulian

Pantone Colour of the Year

For 2020, the chosen colour is Classic Blue. We must admit we are slightly underwhelmed with this choice. It seems too safe. However, the way we do blue comes with a big dose of pizzazz, sophistication and dare we say it, fun!

There you have it, our take on the seven trends you need to know for 2020. We’ve scoured the world of interiors to bring you a small selection but as you know we encourage you to take guidance from these but make them your own. Which one is inspiring you right now?