Yes, we know, it’s been a few weeks since the London Design Festival came to an end, but we can’t seem to shake off these design beauties and the stunning sights that we came across during that week. And even though we had an amazing week, with our visits to Focus/18, as well as, Decorex, we’re glad it’s over because that only means the next LDF is closer than we think! 


YOO x Patternity

Patternity created and interactive, immersive and innovative installation for international design and lifestyle company YOO. YOO brings the most amazing design minds together to create stunning hotel, commercial and residential and one-off spaces. So we were delighted to see this geometric-boldly-styled interactive space. Philippe Starck and John Hitchcox have done YOO proud.


yoo x patternity


100% Forward

The entire area was curated by Barbara Chandler, design godmother and design editor of Homes & Property at the London Evening Standard. This area highlighted emerging design talents from the UK each championed by an established designer that launched their career at 100% design. We’re always impressed with the quality of work we see from recent graduates as much as we are with those that are further ahead in their careers. For instance, wallpaper designer Jocelyn Warner, and one of our very first partners, nominated Stoff Studios and we love how their graphic designs contrast beautifully with Jocelyn’s botanical inspired patterns.



Jocelyn Warner portrait by Barbara Chandler



Visiting Old Friends

The shows are always an opportunity to meet up with our amazing brands, to update them on our future developments and to see what else in new in their turf. We met up with Delightfull, Established & Sons, and last but certainly not least Mind the Gap




Let There be Light

A quick mention to Ned Abott’s gorgeous handcrafted wooden lighting pieces! These really made an impact, especially with the shadows and colour displayed on the backdrop. They’d work wonders on your entrance hallway, dining room or living space.




This View!

No matter what, seeing this view of the London skyline is priceless. Design Junction did a fantastic job of taking over areas of the south bank and turning it into a inspirational design mecca.




Take a Seat

The thing we really love about Design Junction is that we always find a piece that tickles our very curious minds. In this case two!


Ton displayed their ‘Chip’ chair and as you can appreciate it does look like a crisp, feels retro in style but the bentwood and mesh frame give it a modern twist. And one of the most eye catching displays at Design Junction this year was Italian brand Gufram. Their disco-themed installation featured ‘pop star’ furniture alongside a melted glitter ball. With Disco Gufram, “every floor can be a dance floor and every room can be a ball room.” Where do we sign?