6 Key Trends for Interior Surfaces and Materials

Homeowners are investing time, energy and resources in creating they dream home. In fact, the UK has seen a 7% increase in monetary spend in home renovation projects. We’ve got that part covered with our full turnkey solutions across construction, architectural planning, interior design, and FF&E. And below, you’ll the key ideas to incorporate in your interior design scheme for this year and beyond.



We’ve seen it everywhere, from statement sofas to beautifully patterned cushions and luscious curtains. We’ve spoken about it before and we love how designer sofas in velvet immediately draw you in, softening your living space, providing a cosy and pretty centrepiece. Here are four of our favourites, they work all year round and are sure to make your living room pop.


velvet sofa selection

Fringes sofa by Munna

Lipstick sofa by Munna

Caprichosa sofa by Koket

Oval sofa by Moroso


Pattern Plants

If you ever find yourself with an empty corner at home and you’re unsure what would work well, opt for a plant! The organic shape of plants never fails to impress, choose a leafy friend with an interesting pattern and you’ll add an extra layer of interest to your entire decor. In addition, they help purify the air in your home and green never goes out of style.


plants and patterns

W Scarpa sideboard by WeWood 



The power of flawless, high-shine metallics is second to none, and we continue to love them. However, this year we see metals with tarnished surfaces, uneven and mysterious shine. Taking inspiration from the surfaces of crystals, these metals create dramatic effect and should be used sporadically. 


magical metallics

Crochet check of drawers by Boca do Lobo

Fallen Leaf mirror by Insideherland

Duke coffee tables by Norr11 (available in medium and large)


Mirrored Surfaces

The magic of mirrors is undeniable. They introduce more space and more light to smaller living spaces, but also look grandiose in larger spaces. We’re not only referring to mirrors on your wall, but also mirrored or transparent surfaces in your furniture to visually lighten interiors. 


mirrored surfaces

Skull Etched wall light by Mineheart

Rive Gauche console mirror by Rue Monsieur Paris

Back to Nature mirror clock by Diamantino & Domeniconi


Sensorial Glass and Surfaces

Sensorial effects continue to create wonder in the interiors world this year. As our attention spans dwindle with instant access to almost everything, designers look to hold our attention with interesting and unique surfaces. Not only is the sensorial potential of glass endless, but wood carvings, and lacquered surfaces also play a key role.


architectural dining

Aqua table by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons



Statement Ceilings

We love a good statement wall, but you know what’s even more of a statement? A ceiling. It’s an inventive way to transform a room from the top down, try it buy keeping your walls in one colour but them wallpapering, tiling or painting the ceiling to make it the key element of the room.


tls style

Frida sofa in Dakota pink by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Helsinki suspension light by Creative Mary

Female Illusion wallpaper by Mind the Gap


When making your house a home it is important to know and understand how to implement trends but it is not essential. Remember, surround yourself with pieces that speak to you and those who share your home with you. This is what takes your interior decor from trendy to timeless.