Emeco Navy Coca Cola™ Chair - Gliders

A stunning collaboration between Emeco and Coca-Cola™

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Dimensions: H 86 x W 39 x D 50 cm Seat Height 46 cm

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Emeco was originally founded in 1944 following a collaborative project with Alcoa to develop a seaworthy chair for submarines and warships. During WWII the U.S government asked the founder, Wilton Carlyle Dinges, to make chairs that could withstand water, salt air and sailors. The chairs had to be lightweight, strong and built to last a lifetime. By the end of the 1950's, Emeco aluminium chairs outfitted all famous U.S Navy Ships and submarines including the first nuclear submarine, Nautilus. Emeco all-aluminium chairs are 100% recyclable and have an estimated life span of 150 years or more.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. Free UK mainland Delivery. International Delivery Available *T&C Apply

Made from 111 recycled beverage bottles, the 111 Navy Chair is a story of innovation. This chair was made after Coca-Cola™ and Emeco collaborated to up-cycle consumer waste into a sustainable, timeless, classic chair. The bottles that make the 111 were from landfills and designed into an iconic structural item, made to last. The 111 is not just a solution to a problem, but an aid to support the encouragement of developing environmentally sound structural materials. This model also features a luxurious seat pad in black vinyl for added comfort. Please note – This product is only available in PAIRS and individual chairs are not sold separately.

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