At The Longest Stay, we have a broad selection of luxury chairs for you to choose from. Browse our collection from fabulous designer brands such as Cappellini, Gubi. Normann Copenhagen and Cassina. Our range includes stylish dining chairs and wonderfully comfortable armchairs. From wooden and minimalist to upholstered and bold, there is sure to be something that is perfect for your home.
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Sherry Roberts

Inspired By Sherry

Meet Sherry Roberts, the Founder & CEO of The Longest Stay.

I have scoured the wonderful world of luxury furnishings, guided by unique and creative personalities, for all that is stylish, all that inspires and all that is unique from cutting-edge design icons to timeless Designer Furniture & Home Accessories. Every product you find here, has been hand picked by yours truly and the “Sherry Says” section under each item is indeed, my voice.

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