Gloster was founded more than 50 years ago in West Africa for local market consumption, using discarded branches and tree stumps that would otherwise have been burnt. The company moved to Indonesia in 1981 to have access to teak plantations. Gloster is now one of the most renowned outdoor furniture British brands in the world.

A large selection of Contemporary Furniture UK for sale from the Longest Stay. We are based on the Kings Roads in London and you can visit our online shop at

The Longest Stay can help you to bring a touch of luxury to your home.  We stock a wide variety of exceptional Home Accessories, from Designer Glassware  to Unique Clocks.  We also have an extensive selection of Modern Design Furniture, whether you are looking for a Luxury Sofa, beautiful Tables or a contemporary Sideboard to make a statement in your Home.

Even if you are looking for Unique Gifts for a special occasion, The Longest Stay are here to help.  We have a number of unusual and extraordinary gift ideas, such as our beautifully designed Wooden Backgammon Set .  We also stock a selection of striking Coffee Table Books and Luxury Candles , so you’ll always be able to find something for that special someone! 

Sherry Roberts

Inspired By Sherry

Meet Sherry Roberts, the Founder & CEO of The Longest Stay.

I have scoured the wonderful world of luxury furnishings, guided by unique and creative personalities, for all that is stylish, all that inspires and all that is unique from cutting-edge design icons to timeless Designer Furniture & Home Accessories. Every product you find here, has been hand picked by yours truly and the “Sherry Says” section under each item is indeed, my voice.

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