Today is World Sleep Day; a day for recognising and celebrating the importance of sleep. Organised by The World Sleep Society, the day focuses on raising awareness on preventing and managing sleep disorders, as well as with issues relating to sleep such as medicine, education, social matters and driving. In today’s blog, we’ll be giving you some top tips on clean sleeping, including how to create the best sleeping environment.


The recommended sleep for an average adult is 7 to 9 hours per night. However, some people meet these requirements yet still feel tired throughout the day. This could be because your quality of sleep is poor. The quality directly affects your mental and physical health, which of course will impact your daily life, including your productivity, emotional balance, health, and even your weight. Making some simple adjustments to your sleep environment and your daily routine can help you sleep just that little bit better.  

Bedroom 2

Decluttering your bedroom is crucial in creating a good sleeping environment. Interior trends of late, like the Scandinavian concepts of Hygge and Lagom, have been encouraging us to minimise the junk we store in our homes, but we’re sure some of us are still guilty of hanging on to things we don’t need. A key factor in getting a good night’s sleep is minimising the amount you’ve got to be distracted by in your bedroom, so if you’ve got messy shelves and piles laying on the floor, it’s time to have a tidy up. The Tonin Casa Naviglio Bookcase is ideal for displaying and keeping your possessions neat, while the bookshelf itself will infuse a modern look into any bedroom with its geometric design.

Bedroom 3

Sticking to neutral colours in your room will make for a serene and relaxing atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a few colourful home accessories and accent pieces. Cushions and throws are a great place to start when accessorising your bedding, and though you may end up throwing them off when it’s time for bed, they will make for a fabulous display in daylight. Ideally, more daring and vibrant cushions should be relegated to the living room as their bold designs could be a distraction at night. Saying that, some subtle patterns and hints of colour, such as on the cushions shown above, should be welcome in the bedroom as they will break up the blocks of neutral colour making for a less artificial space. 

Bedroom 4

Though it is important not to go over the top with your decorations, adding in some personal touches will make for a homey bedroom; one you’ll be comfortable and calm in. This is essential because adopting a stress-free mindset before bed will help ensure a good night’s sleep. When traipsing around different furniture stores it is often difficult to pick out the right accessories for your interiors since there are so many items to choose from. However, on The Longest Stay’s website, we have a carefully selected collection, including the Addison Ross Diamante Circular Photo Frame, which will help create a tranquil space filled with your personal touches.

Establishing a good bedtime routine is vital in order to get the most out of your 7 to 9 hours; eliminating phones, tablets and other devices from your bedroom will help you sleep better. Rather than watching TV before bed, curl up and read a book in subtle lighting with the Heathfield Agata Nickel Table Lamp or the Culinary Concepts Diamond Lantern. The less you are exposed to digital devices before bed, the better you’ll sleep!

Of course, activities like exercising, eating healthily and avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, will benefit your sleeping pattern, but we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the difference creating a good sleeping environment will make.