A white interior is like a clean canvas – it awaits you to inject your own personality in it. How exactly you do this will depend on your style – some like to create a white space that oozes modern elegance with smooth and clean lines, whereas others will prefer to present a more rustic or shabby chic aesthetic, with chipped paintwork and rugged wooden features. Some fill the room with white furniture, while others incorporate subtle or vibrant colours in modern furniture pieces to add variation. This season, white interiors have been a widely explored theme, with designers all over the world creating gorgeous furniture and home accessories perfect for the style. What better time than now to bring this look into your home?

We know the idea of white rooms can seem a little scary, but you needn’t be afraid of living in this style interior, especially if you decide to commit to a more shabby chic design in your home. Exposed wooden beams, either painted white, as shown in the above image, or left bare, along with other wooden features and rustic textures are ideal for this concept. Mixing and matching styles will add a quirky charm, with more traditional furniture and contemporary pieces contrasting against one another, creating an eclectic look which will be sure to grab attention.

Finding furniture online can sometimes be tricky, especially with white furniture which sometimes can look cheap or tacky. However, at The Longest Stay we have a fantastic range of stylish pieces that will help create a sophisticated room. From all white products like the Cassina 27 Auckland Swivel Armchair, which exudes style with its modern yet incredibly comfortable design, to products that incorporate undertones of different colours while exuding a more classic look, such as the Moissonnier Regency "Tournus" Chest of Drawers – we have something for you! Whether you want to create a completely white interior or a space with a few elements of white, our designer furniture will infuse effortless style into your home.

Perhaps you’ve already decided that white interiors aren’t for you – that doesn’t mean you can’t include some of these fantastic products in your home. For example, the Tonin Casa Tokyo Dining Table, pictured above, will make an ideal statement piece in any room. Placing this designer dining table, which flaunts a mesmerising design, in a room featuring bold colours will help it stand out further. Though all white interiors will of course have a dramatic effect, placing a white statement piece in the centre of a room full of colour will also create an eye catching look!

From the living room, to the bathroom, the bedroom or home office – all rooms in the house will look fabulous decorated in a white theme, but this style is especially well suited to kitchen and dining areas. However, it is important to inject some colour in these spaces to avoid the areas looking too clinical. For example, the kitchen cabinets shown above ooze an elegant simplicity, their pristine doors enveloping the room with brightness, while the darker shades in the breakfast bar and the bar chairs help to create a well-balanced space. Rooms boasting just one colour can sometimes look a little flat, and so adding in some texture, patterned wallpaper or even the slightest splash of contrasting colour can help give the space character.

For more excellent white furniture perfect for this theme, take a look through our collection of designer furniture, lighting and home accessories!