We know Scandi style is not a new interior concept; in fact, in recent history it has been one of the most popular trends in homes all around the world. This aesthetic is found in the collections of designers everywhere, including some of our very own brands. This style can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but most will agree that its foundation lies in chic minimalism. Scandi interior design mainly mixes modern furniture in light, pastel or warm shades with simplistic home decorations. Wooden and other natural features are also common, and ensuring your room has plenty of light is key. Today’s blog will give you a little inspiration as to how to bring this look into your home.

Scandi style living rooms boast clean lines, a purposeful lack of ornamentation and a cool colour scheme. The above living room is a great example of a space adhering to the basic guidelines of this aesthetic. Splashes of bold colour and patterns are kept to a minimum, giving the pieces that do own these feature a chance to become eye catching centrepieces. For example, the stunning painting on the wall acts as a cohesive addition to the room’s subdued colour scheme, yet its subtle infusion of colour help brighten up the space. 

It is sometimes difficult to know what designer furniture to bring into a minimalist space, but our advice is to start with the basics. Begin with choosing a pale or pastel foundation colour, like grey, a pastel pink or a pale blue; majority of your furniture should stick to this scheme, then you can inject accent colours in later on. Many Scandi interiors begin with grey - not only does this sophisticated shade pair with almost every other colour, but it will add a light but moody feel to your interior. Furniture such as the Munna Candy 2 Seat Sofa will make a fabulous addition to this style interior with its beautifully simplistic design. What's more, if you feel your room needs a splash of colour or pattern, soft furnishings such as throws or pillows can be added to the sofa.

For a gorgeous designer coffee table that will inject effortless style into your home, look no further than the Tonin Casa Quiet Coffee Table! This coffee table flaunts an elegant glass top that curves around to meet its wooden base, creating an intriguing and unique aesthetic. This design will fit in perfectly with minimalist homes, with its warm wooden base contrasting the coolness of its glass top as well as different pastel shades in the room.

It is important to inject a little colour into your Scandi style home, but finding the right balance is a challenge. It is often easier to incorporate minimalist products with aspects of colour in their designs, rather than to introduce items made up of a solid block of colour. For example the Mambo Unlimited Ideas Muse Sideboard boasts white, grey and pink drawers, creating a look that will inject colour into a space without overpowering it. Finding a mixture of furniture pieces that calm the room as well as items that add a pop of colour will help you create a well balanced interior.

For more products that will introduce Scandi style to your home, take a look at our collection of furniture and lighting!