How to Pull Off Simple & Minimal Design

There have been scientific studies that suggest messy people are smarter, however, there is also a slew of information that points to women having increased cortisone (the dreaded stress hormone) production when faced with a disorganised home or space. You know the feeling, right?

If that’s you, then you need to know about becoming a minimalist.

We’re not talking about getting rid of all your prized possessions; we really mean just going back to basics. Think sleek lines, toned down textures and colours to create an ultra sophisticated space. De-cluttering is a must, so opt for functional designer furniture, laid-back luxury or feminine minimalism. Either way, we’ve got the goods and the style to get you into your Zen zone.

Stylish and Functional Storage

We know buying furniture online is no easy feat. You need to imagine how it will fit into your living space before making that all-important purchase. We recommend cutting out, from construction paper, the actual size of the furniture you’d like to buy and lay it in the desired space. Honestly, it helps so much!

Peruse our sideboard and cabinet collection and go for something with plenty of clever storage in a nude or natural palette.

Sideboards and Cabinets

1. Crate Storage by Established & Sons

2. High Domino Rack by Universo Positivo

3. Contador Sideboard by WeWood

4. Pandora Sideboard by WeWood

5. Muse cabinet by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Clear Surfaces

Generally, it’s the small things that we leave lying around our home that cause the most distress. Keys, mail, and other trinkets tend to end up on the dining table, or surfaces of your sideboard or cabinets. Nevertheless, there are nifty little containers that will keep your minimalist vibe intact; it’s all about adding texture without visually cluttering. 


1. Silver Plated Small Jar by Hend Krichen

2. Acorn Stow by Edge

3. Silver Plated Large Jar by Hend Krichen

4. Eclipse Vase by Edge

5. Slitta Centrepiece by Atipico

6. Spherical Bowl by Rokos


Scandi Chic

When we talk about minimal interior décor we can’t ignore the greatness that is Scandinavian design. It's renowned for clean lines and chaos free intention.  Danish brand Gubi is one of its main proponents. Their subdued hues rule, from biscuit to beige and ecru tonalities mixed with solid pigments that are easy on the eye. Here’s a selection of some of our favourite pieces.


1. Grashoppa Floor Lamp

2. Adnet Rectangulaire Mirror

3. Mategot Coat Rack

4. Mategot Kangourou Side Table

5. Stay Sofa

After having applied all of the above there is one final key component of this look. Balance. This means that all your furniture, lighting and smaller accessories balance each other out and nothing feels too big or too small. You’re not looking to match, but complement and coordinate. However, if you are looking for a bit of TLS drama (because we love it) then go enormous or petite, demonstrating intentionality in your choices.

As always, we are here to help and answers any questions so keep in touch via our social channels or email us at