Welcome to 2018! We’re excited to introduce our new format for your beloved Lust List – our top ten pick of this month’s must-have pieces for stylish living.

A Matter of Light
Get your groove on for 2018 with Lasvit’s gorgeous pendant lighting collection. Opt for the understated feel of the Neverending Glory pieces that represent five of the most eminent concert halls around the world. Or if you’re looking for a symphony of colour go for the RGB series.

Into the Wild

Inspired by the beach furniture found at the North Sea in northern Europe in the 1920s, the Shadowy lounge chair by Moroso is bright and colourful. Ideal for your home indoors or out all year round.


At Your Feet

How do you use an area rug effectively? Slide it under the front legs of your sofa, or have all legs of the furniture sitting on the rug, or all legs sitting out! Don’t get overwhelmed with the “rules”, but be aware of them so you can achieve the perfect look in your home.
rug rug
Melange rug by Nanimarquina

TLS Loves
Bring a touch of Hollywood glamour into your bedroom with Koket’s ultra luxurious golden cabinet. Oozing femininity and super spacious, it keeps your accoutrements stylishly organised.


Dali Dreams
Taken from the 1935 painting “Femme à la Tête Rose” by Salvador Dali, the Leda chair and low table was re-imagined and brought to life by sculptor Joaquim Camps who created a tangible, usable piece of furniture and work of art.


Double Take

These two worlds come together with Oyuna’s Ete Travel throw. Made with 100% cashmere in Mongolia, it doubles up as a shawl to wear with a small leather belt or a throw for a late night snuggle.


Fashion Bible
This coffee table book is a must-have for any fashion lover and the perfect pick me up for a winter night. Discover Peter Lindbergh’s photographs of five young models in New York City in 1989 that marked the beginning of a new fashion era: the supermodel.
Peter Lindbergh by Taschen

Different Strokes
Candy coloured wood makes these pieces so wrong they’re definitely right! A fun collaboration between Sebastian Wrong and Richard Wright gives birth to an affordable collection of furniture and home accessories by Established & Sons.

Wrongwoods sideboard (top)
Wrongwoods cabinet (bottom)

Blushingly Ornate
Go bold or go home. When it comes to interior design with ornately decorated pieces we suggest choosing one that makes the room rock. Whilst keeping the rest of the décor simple, modern and quiet.


Luigi chair by Polart
Medina two ball pendant light by Heathfield
Caldas round table by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Beyond Retro
Need to de-clutter for 2018? We’ve got the perfect solution. The Origami Secretary desk is a workstation and storage unit made from durable solid oak. Inspired by the fine art of origami, its foldaway desk and vibrant yellow fibreboard drawers make it ideal for hiding clutter.