"I'm brave. British people won't go out there and publicly air anything really". This is what I was told today by a potential British investor after establishing The Longest Stay Diary is something that "I want to share." I said "maybe it is the America vibe in me or maybe I just have balls the size of Gibraltar" which my friend Faizia always says. Either way we won't be revealing our deepest strategies or personal info, I just feel it is good to hear the notes of a startup in real time.  A true entrepreneur sees the signs they are on the right road. They witness miracles, and get confirmation all will be ok when on the cliff. Then the entrepreneur just learns to listen, surrender and ride the journey. I'm still learning that.  But I have had a lot of practice and I am hopeful.

Today Georgina moved onto orders, and deviated from her cranking out product descriptions routine. Taking on a challenge of calling suppliers for bespoke orders, time and time again but luckily getting the response she needed. I did need to call Italy today and practice the Italian to get something done but that is always part of the fun. There is something about speaking Italian that lifts your vibration even for a short time. Then it takes me back to Rome, where I lived for 6 years.

T, short for Tautvydas, moved onto orders whilst also trying to upload 150 designs of our new lighting range. I was thrilled to know Julie's chairs arrived today (Julie Maria Meyer). She doesn't know but they almost didn't. I had to pull out all forces to make sure our partners delivered on time. I also had three investor calls. You never know if it is an investor sometimes on the end when someone has done that "introduction" or a broker but either way you have to tell your story. All entrepreneurs have a story and something that has made them resilient.

Today a customer called and I literally said " Hello, we solve any problem" and he started laughing, then I said "Welcome to The Longest Stay how can I help?" and with that he placed an order for a lamp. It never hurts to be original I guess. My team think I am bonkers.

My favourite part of the day was reading the following: " The way I was dealt with when I messed up an order in more than one way was amazing, the best customer service I've received in a long time. Not only taking calls on a Sunday but also emailing back. Also, when my payment went through twice I received an email asking if I actually wanted both or just one, which I thought was very good customer service, full credit to Sherry Roberts who has been the person dealing with my blunders with admirable efficiency and patience." Signed, a now faithful customer.

Not to brag but it does make us all thrilled when someone is happy with us. I feel the need to share this. As a matter of fact I think that is the only real way to differentiate you have to go beyond what anyone expects. Even if others have the same product and price, they would rather come back to you knowing they trust you. That was good news.

Finally I had a TV production company tell me we love this idea keep it going. So who knows where our little blog may go. Don't worry we will share the bad stuff too. Our tree is still in the office today and none of us want to let it go. We had an order that was out of stock but T managed to convince the customer to take another colour. Has everyone heard of Elephant Grey? I do love that colour description, it is specific. Makes you want to pick up a copy of National Geographic to see if you can spot the colour lampshade you just ordered.

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend from all of us. Don't forget our sale is still on for January if you want to shop:-)