None of us can believe how fast the week goes by. It feels just as we are back in on Monday we all comment "Is it already Thursday?" T has been embedded in spreadsheets all week, uploading, downloading and amending product, all to go on our site. He has finished the upload of 150 styles of TLS lighting, all with short lead times and unusual designs. Some imported from the USA. We are all proud of this new addition to our site.

Except for his occasional lunch break I am amazed to see him look up unless it is to give Oliver some work or support. Today I couldn't distract him since I was out of the office filming for online TV program called Entrepreneur Country TV or prepping for it, yes that means hair, nails and makeup and spending a few hours finding a dress that fits. The problem with filming for anything after Xmas is nothing fits and the camera ads a few kilos. However once you see yourself go live, you then have a major incentive to diet.

Georgina has pretty much been doing whatever has been thrown at her today, firefighting any task that seems to be urgent while also reminding me where I need to be and when. I never asked her to but she just does it so naturally it's excellent.

Whereas Oliver every now and then looks up and says "margin, hmm is there enough here?" as he is validating the invoice that needs to be paid and calculating the difference between sold and cost price. Leading us to conclude, "no more 10% off for sign up on top of sales prices. Just can't do that one." He says. "Sorry everyone."

Georgina and I met the most fabulous rug and outdoor furniture company today. I touched the rugs and you just wanted to melt. Especially when some clients question "but how does the rug feel?" I can say "well sir, you may want to sleep on it and leave it at that."

There is a new outdoor furniture range from Holland, and I can't wait to order this for myself in time for summer.  The table and chairs have such a fresh modern design made with teak wood and I can only imagine the smell. I may have to go out and buy a Diptque pine room fragrance until it is no longer 2 degrees to tide me over until spring.  

In the meantime we have Paris to look forward to. This day next week Georgina and I will be going to Maison d' Objet. I go every year and last year I took the photo of the bright green Fiat. It is a show I truly love, that is just outside of Paris, where we can see our brands and meet new brands that will grow our current collection. So make sure you follow us on social media as we pin, tweet and eat our way into Paris to visit this inspiring show.