The toilets are flooding again. Georgina points this out first thing in the morning. The landlord is having works done right outside and we conclude most likely someone has broken a pipe or stopped the flow of water.  Lets hope it gets sorted soon. I don’t want to end up with a portable loo on the Kings Road.

Our offices are in the most divine space off the Kings Road, a very chic mews house and we share them with the likes of Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea and about 4 dogs that roam the corridors tied to the owners of other like minded businesses. Donut my Shih Tzu being one of the best behaved if I do say myself but of course I am her mother. In all seriousness my dog lives in Zen. Has her own private sofa of course by The Longest Stay and sleeps during most of the day and only begs T for a treat for time to time. Overall she is our office companion and makes all of us just that big softer and reminds us we are all living a life. 

Georgina has to manage a customer inquiry today that didn’t leave her feeling so good. The customer didn’t seem to be too happy regardless of what she said, but I assured her some people you can’t please no matter what you do. Some people need instant results and again this brings me back to patience the attribute we only learn when we are about to pass this life to the next. Only because you no longer need to be patient time is up. Thankfully the majority of our customers are delightful and I have to say have become friends.

We are moving into exciting projects these days and some movers and shakers are now checking out our sourcing capabilities and also our network of potential properties that we can convert into something super stylish. Today someone quite high profile on the BBC tracked me down about what projects we could collaborate on, which I wouldn’t have expected 6 months ago. So one can feel the flow of the river in 2016 and it's early days.

Then again there are simply time wasters I have now been called by the 9th company to pitch for a project in Colombo. Although we submitted the tenure the same request comes via my inbox time and time again. So where this ends up one doesn’t know and if it really ever exists? But you have to keep trying.

Finally today we reviewed our social media results. Lots of likes and new followers but do we get direct sales? Sometimes but it's more about brand awareness I keep telling myself. I guess for now we are happy with that. Come to find out the younger generation simply don’t care nearly as much as you might think about certain social media sites. Georgina pointed this out and Oliver talked about how he had no desire to download a mobile application. "Found it pointless" he said "and that most websites work on the mobile anyway." So some social media is not necessary as rocking for the under 25s as one may think.

Tomorrow is a new day and lots of orders are waiting to be processed first thing. The question is do we keep our UK free delivery or charge for delivery or aspects of delivery? Seems the cost of free delivery is a bit too much when having a sale but for now customers please make the most of it until we decide. Feel free to let us know how important is that when you are deciding to buy from a company. We love to hear feedback. More later from all of us!