Summer time is round the corner and we love the sun and the relaxed vibe that the season brings,  but our favourite part is adding in bright, vibrant and citric hues into our homes. Our tip: think of your favourite summer holidays—nature walks, soft aquamarine blue water, sandy tan beaches and soft pastel tones from your favourite ice cream. Yes, they’re all the perfect inspiration for your home.


Green & Blues

Add an array of home accessories or small furniture pieces around your home to create cool vibes. Vary their textures to get different layers of interest, look at the pieces you already own and add any of these additional items that serve as opposites. Also, you may want to consider moving your accessories to different rooms, it’s an instant update! Alternatively, go for the whole nine-yards and opt for a new sofa.


citric green & ocean blue. Summer Colours for your interiors 2018

Beaufort Bateau cushion by Bivain

Trio Ocean Blue cushion by Nitin Goyal

Luv chair by Adrenalina

Fresco rug by Asiatic

Saari 3 seat sofa by Arper


Sunshine Yellow

One of the most positive colours in the colour wheel, sunshine yellow is sure to brighten up your room and mood. A note of caution, ensure that when paired with another hue they are both warm, or both cool. Colours complement each other much better when they are in the same scale of temperature.


sunshine yellow. summer colours for interiors 2018

Multicolour glass set by Bib & Sola

Tokyo cushion by Alexandra Foster

Giant floor lamp by Angleposie

Cali chair by Acrila

Shield side table by Boca do Lobo


Coral Companion

Its brighter and more vibrant counterpart, red, is ideal for re-energising a room. Especially one that  is used for the enjoyment of food and companionship like a dining room. However, it’s more tranquil friend—coral—is one of our favourites. It evokes days at the beach, sunsets and peaceful joy. Team it with a blend of rich peach, rust, sand and warm grey for an idyllic space.


coral. summer colours for interiors 2018

Geometric wallpaper by Mind the Gap

Revolution suspension lamp by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Silver Coral pendant by The Longest Stay Lighting

330 ST stackable chair by Thonet

Paper Planes armchair by Moroso

Float 20 floor light by SKLO


Summer Pastels

Traditionally more suited to spring, pastel hues are brilliant for summer as they tone down your brights. In addition, they bring serenity and when teamed with metallics they become sophisticated and timeless.


Pastels. summer colours for interiors 2018

Matrioshka pendant light by Innermost

Hackney rug by Asiatic

Mategot Nagasaki chair by Gubi

Jaipur cushion by Bivain

Chantal armchair by Munna


Bring summer magic into your home and allow the breeze of these colours to brighten your mood and cool you down. Which one is your favourite?