Transitional style is a tricky interior concept to get right. It refers to a design idea that involves both traditional and modern furniture and style, merging the two aesthetics in one room. The difficult part of this is achieving a cohesive look, and finding the right balance between classic pieces and contemporary ones. In today’s blog, we’ll be giving you a little inspiration on how to introduce this style to your home.

Firstly, it’s important to choose the colour scheme of your room. Often, rooms are decorated with warm but neutral shades, with subtle base colours like ivory and beige allowing the lines and designs of furniture to hold the focus of the room. More saturated colours are ideal in accent pieces and small home accessories, but it is key to keep embellishment to a minimum, as the overarching idea behind a transitional space is to play with simplicity. Monochromatic interiors are also popular with this theme, and make for an extremely classy look.

Introducing different textures will add depth to the room, without disrupting the subtle colour scheme too much. For example, pieces like the Misura Emme Antibes Marble Coffee Table, will add a stylish touch to living rooms, and will fit into a variety of different interiors. Materials like wood, warm metals and different fabrics will help create a more comfortable and homey space, bringing in some contrast, especially for black and white interiors.

The style of kitchen areas are sometimes a little problematic and expensive to change. We know you can’t completely alter the look of it with every new trend, but even making just a few adjustments and installations can help you achieve a transitional style. If you have modern cabinetry then introducing a few traditional accessories will help infuse this style – small items like antique jars placed on counters, or a traditional vases will add a classic touch to the space. Alternatively, if you have a more classically styled kitchen, introducing some contemporary designer lighting, like the pendant lamps shown below, will give it a fresh look!

Identifying existing pieces of furniture in your home that fall into the contemporary and traditional categories will help you figure out what else you need to introduce to create a transitional space. What’s great about a lot of contemporary furniture now is that it seems to involve elements of both classic and modern design in their looks, making it that bit easier for you to create this style interior.

For example, the Munna Soft & Creamy Armchair flaunts a modern design with its playful, curved angles, yet its tufted detailing creates a classic feel. It’s not essential to completely furnish your home with these types of products, but introducing a few will help tie together your solely modern or traditional pieces, allowing for a seamless merging of the two styles.

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