Introducing bold designer furniture into your home will help give your interiors a fresh look, no matter how big or small the items you bring in are. Bold products will alter the focal points of your room with them becoming the eye-catching centrepieces. However, this doesn’t mean that your current furniture will be left in the shadows; the bright colours, patterns or designs of a statement piece can help draw out features in more subdued furniture too. Take a look at the selection below for some inspiration on how to introduce bold furniture and home accessories.

Brightly coloured furniture pieces are excellent for livening up dull spaces. For example, the Arper Saari 2 Seat Sofa’s vibrant orange will inject life into any style interior while helping to modernise the room with its contemporary style. Designer sofas such as this will work in both large and small living rooms, though of course it is crucial to remember not to overfill a small living room with too many colours to avoid making the space look too busy.

Another fabulous bold colour product sure to grab attention is the Julian Chichester Regency Wave Chest, which features a lively shade of blue. The juxtaposition of contemporary and classic style is beautiful in this chest of drawers, with its vivid colour and more traditional structure creating a sophisticated yet fun piece. For a striking living room look, mimic the blue tones in this item in different accessories around the room.

If you’re not a fan of solid blocks of colour, or have furniture that already fit this aesthetic, then patterned furniture might be for you. Monochrome patterned items are especially in right now, and so products like the Nanimarquina Melange Pattern 1 Rug and the Rue Monsieur Paris Tectonic Silence Coffee Table are ideal. Both use black and white tones to create dramatic pieces which will add depth to any room. If you’re looking for something that is a little quirkier, the Acrila Wild Zebra Chair, which features a stunning zebra print, may be more your style.

Furniture that is bold in style is sometimes slightly more difficult to place in a room with existing furniture. This is because their looks are often a little eccentric, and so do not work with all interiors. However, when carefully selected they can make fantastic accent pieces. For example, placing a few of the Journeyman Ribbon Dining Chairs around a more traditional table will add a contemporary touch to a more conservative room. Their high and curved structure, which almost replicates the form of a wave, exude a causal vibe, which is ideal if you want to strike a more relaxed feel in your dining room.

We love eccentric furniture at The Longest Stay; they add endless individuality and character to a home, enabling you to give your guests a better idea of your personality. The Innermost Wooster Pendant Ceiling Light, which features a shade made from a black felt top hat with a stunning silver interior, is a fantastic example of designer lighting that will bring a unique look to your interior.

For more fabulously bold furniture items to liven up your home, have a look at our collections of furniture, lighting and home accessories!