Just two pieces of designer furniture that reflect an aspect of each other’s’ aesthetic can help create a cohesive look in your interior. However, finding pieces that complement each other is sometimes a difficult task, especially since there are so many different styles and colours of furniture to choose from. In today’s blog we’ve put some of our gorgeous products together in pairs, some completely matching in terms of colour and style, while others complement each other in more subtle ways. Take a look below for a little inspiration for your home.

You can choose to match your items in terms of colour, style, or both, depending on what look you want to achieve in your interior. For example, items such as the Munna Cleo Armchair and the Moroso Dew Pouffe don’t share the same colour scheme, but the use of lines in their designs is similar. The Munna armchair uses a vertical line pattern in its backrest which, along with the chair’s stylish shape, helps to produce a sophisticated look, while the Moroso Pouffe uses both vertical and horizontal lines created by its woven leather structure to make an elegant overlapping pattern.

Matching items will add a touch of style to any space including your outdoor area. The Gloster Cloud 75 Lounge Chair and the Gloster Bells Woven Side Table suit each other perfectly, and will make a fabulous set for your outdoor seating area. Their beautiful and sophisticated subdued tones will contrast the vibrancy of any garden, exuding a stunning look. The chair’s comfortable design is ideal for relaxing in the sunshine this summer, while the table boasts an interesting bell like design that will introduce contemporary style to the area!

Though items don’t necessarily have to match each other in terms of colour, it’s often easier to create a consistent look in a room by incorporating continuing tones in different pieces. However, it’s your choice whether you decide to do this with solid blocks of colour, such as by pairing items like the Cassina 456 Pantheon Table and the Misura Emme Alina Grey Leather Dining Chair together, or in a more subtle way. For example, pairing the incredibly bold Julian Chichester Regency Wave Chest with the Ultimo Suspiro Del Moro artwork, which features a very subtle element of blue, is perfect for continuing the colour scheme without allowing it to overpower your room.

If you want to bring in a small change to your home, introducing different home accessories is a good start. Accessories are often used to infuse pattern into a room, whether in the form of vibrant cushions on designer sofas, or beautiful vases on sideboards. What’s important to remember is that your pairings don’t always have to match in colour and style completely – in fact, if you want to create an eclectic look, coupling differing items with just a few similarities will create a fantastic look. For example, the Mineheart Renaissance Cowhide Rug, which in the above living room has been displayed as an art feature, and the Bivain Nozomi Kyoto Cushion and Nozomi Osaka Cushion boast different styles, yet their colour schemes featuring tones of blue, purple and pink, create a cohesive look.

Take a look through our collection of furniture and accessories to find your own perfect pairings!