As international stylists, one of the things we love the most is stepping into homes with a distinct Parisian flair, whether it’s our clients, for press events, or through a magazine. You know the one, effortlessly elegant and a whimsical mix of contemporary pieces alongside classics that results in the unequivocal trés chic Parisian style we’ve come to love and admire.

As always, we are here to guide you through this so you won’t turn your pied-a-terre into something that feels more French cheesy than French chic.

Discreet or Obvious Opulence

Whether you choose to go all out with the obvious opulence that can be found in things like designer dining tables or if you like to be a little more discreet about it with subtle highlights, it’s up to you and your personal style. Either way, marble is a material that must be part of your Parisian chic vibe. Peruse below some marble pieces that are sure to bring out the ooh la la in your home.

Parisian Chic 1

1. Pearl wall lamp by Ginger Jagger

2. Tectonic Silence coffee table by Rue Monsieur

3. Light House table lamp by Established & Sons

4. Alentejo side table by Insideherland

5. Hurricane lantern by Culinary Concepts

6. 2.0 Round dining table by Gubi

7. Selection of candle holders by Atipico

 Mix classic with contemporary

Think mixing up vintage furniture pieces with contemporary rugs or artwork and try traditional Louis XV style pieces updated with modern fabrics, colours or patterns. We love this French Rococo style because its characterised by supreme craftsmanship.  Once you add an unexpected detail it makes it feel modern and is perfect in helping to achieve the effortless Parisian chic look.Parisian Chic 2

1. Diana chair by Creazioni

2. Belle Nuit chandelier by Lladro

3. Luigi chair by Polart

4. L.XV dresser by Moissonnier


Once you’ve gathered the main furniture pieces, such as sofas, cabinets and sideboards, think about how you want to complete the look with accessories and luxury gifts. For example, drape a chaise lounge with a luxurious faux fur throw, or use modern lighting to offset a traditional looking piece, or use an array of brightly coloured objets d’art on your mantel piece.

Parisian Chic 3

1. Paris Rive Gauche mirrored console by Rue Monsieur Paris

2. Equus storage jars by Royal Crown Derby

3. Deluxe wine goblet by Gurasu

4. Artwork by Nina Fowler

Mirror, mirror

A quick and easy way of adding an element of French style is a by enhancing your home décor with an ornate mirror. If you place it near a source of light, light will bounce of the reflective surface creating gracefulness and space all around. These are some of our favourites.


1. Venetian Love mirror by Rue Monsieur Paris

2. Guilt wall mirror by Koket

3. Peggy mirror by Knowles & Christou

4. Fragment wall mirror by Ginger & Jagger

5. Root mirror by Boca do Lobo

6. Leaf rectangular mirror by Ginger & Jagger

Overall, just remember one thing, as famed French designer Jean-Louis Deniot says “I’m not afraid of being wrong” when it comes to playing around with different styles. However, if you’re feeling unsure you know where to find us!