A classic romantic interior décor style would be one that we’d steer clear off here at The Longest Stay. Yet, there is a fresh wave of design that breathes new life into romantic interiors that would otherwise feel antiquated and out of date. It’s about mixing the old with the new. For instance, pairing a classic Baroque piece alongside modern furniture, or giving it a twist by choosing an unexpected colour palette.
Luxurious Living - Alexandra Carved Bar Cabinet

Is your home chuck full of Victorian character? Look at its window frames, skirting, cornice and roof details. Are they ornate? If the answer is yes, then opt for a decorative modern ambient light. We love Il Pezzo Mancante's Lampadario Chandelier or Mineheart's King Edison Ghost Pendant Light. We’ve got no problem with romance, even so, neo-romance is more our thing. 

romantic light

Don't have the romantic Victorian abode you long for? Fear not. We've got some clever tips and ideas to satisfy your craving for a dreamy Victorian home. Layer details like cushions, throws and accessories freely. Avoid decorating from floor-to-ceiling, and use overly ornate frames, mirrors or lamps sparingly. You're going for cosy, so add flowers in modern vases or contemporary floral wallpaper on a feature wall.

romantic victorian

Left: Floral Wallpaper by Mind the Gap
Bottom: Arts and Crafts Patchwork Wallpaper by Mineheart
Top Right: Metra Vase in various colours by Waterford

Let’s talk about the importance of colour. Back in the summer, we wrote a piece on the colour pink for our trends feature. It is as versatile as black, it can be romantic, edgy, extravagant or subdued – depending on the hue you go for. It’s time for pink to move aside and make space for smoky violets, lilacs, winter raspberry and mauve. These hues can be as adaptable, if not more so, than its pink counterpart. Team it with lush green, add wicker and natural wood luxury chairs and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

romantic interior

Aava Chair by Arper
2; Dynasty Armchair by Malabar
3. S-Chair by Tom Dixon for Cappellini
4. 214 Iconic Dining Chair by Thonet

Are you an avid collector? Or do you have vintage porcelain pieces? Don't be shy! Showcase your accoutrements by placing them in a modern, see-through cabinet. The transparent glass adds interest to your décor. Place the cabinet near a window for a diffused lighting effect that results in a wistful and romantic atmosphere. If space is an issue, display them on top of a chic metallic or marble console.

glass cabinet

Abbey Cabinet by Malabar

Handcrafted pieces tend to have an air of nostalgia, particularly when these are made of walnut or oak wood. In fact, Sherry’s dining table is made of reclaimed boat wood, which she then styled with ultra modern chairs. And that’s what we’d recommend for achieving the ultimate new romantic décor. One final trick in the book for this look is to reupholster. Go for a modern bold graphic print on an old button-backed chair, ottoman or chaise longue. Alternatively, choose a Victorian-style fabric such as paisley, damask or an ornate floral to restyle a modern chair.

Romance in our homes is no longer reserved for Valentine’s Day, with our expert advice you’ll feel all loved up and transported all year long. Are you ready to fall in love again?