Is it that time of the year already? Yes, dear readers, we are almost there. The festive season is upon us and whether you love it or dread it, a little bit of planning can go a long way. If you’re not ready to immerse yourself fully then starting with your guest room is the perfect way to begin. It’s not too complicated and it will give you a sense of achievement. Let’s get ready to receive your guests and the season in comfort and style. 

1. Start Small

A sure way of making your guests feel at home is by thinking about the small details. We suggest using a simple photo frame to add the details of your home’s Wi-Fi network and password. It’s the first thing people need.

We also recommend adding a great selection of books, delineated by some lovely bookends like the marble made Classico pair from Atipico or something a little more seasonal like the Moose head ones from Culinary Concepts. Last, but certainly not least, a beautiful glass with a water carafe on their side table – a practical and eye-catching addition to any guest room.

Guest Room Style Advice

Elegance Tall Decanter by Waterford

Classico bookends by Atipico

Moose Head bookends by Culinary Concepts

Leather handle water pitcher by Culinary Concepts

Half & Half teal water bottle by Waterford

Dots water glasses by Bomma

Black marble photo frame by Addison Ross


2. Festive Decorations

If you’d like your décor to remain versatile and easy to move around when the holidays are over, then opting for a selection of Christmas inspired adornments is the way to go. Royal Crown Derby are masters at crafting the most beautiful ornaments and these can be displayed on window sills, mantelpieces, tables and even in the bathroom if you’ve got an ensuite to your guest room. 

Royal Crown Derby Ornaments

Selection of festive ornaments by Royal Crown Derby


3. A Touch of Nature

Your guest room would not be complete without the addition of some greenery, or even some bare branches accompanied by poinsettias, a Christmas cactus or holly. We’ve selected our favourite vases for the season below, but if you’re not one to care for natural plants fear not, Floriture’s artificial flowers will do the trick. Can you tell the difference?

Luxury Vases

1. Eclipse 30 vase by Edge

2. Casa cube floral display by Floriture

3. Crystal vase by Bomma

4. Elegance floral display by Floriture

5. Single Stem vase by Rokos

6. Crackle white floral display by Floriture


4. The Big Chill

When you look for furniture online think about creating a relaxing nook so that guests can cuddle up in a luscious cashmere throw and read a book in a comfortable armchair against a warm light. If you have the space then go for a love seat but if your space is smaller we’ve got a great selection of alternative seating options. In terms of designer lighting, we recommend a directional floor light. This means your guests have control as to how much or how little light they may need.

Guest Room Style Advice

Bestlite BL3 floor lamp by Gubi

Fringes armchair by Munna

Seren throws by Oyuna


5. Don’t Forget the Walls

A great way of injecting colour into any room is by adding artwork. Just one great painting above a bed will do the trick. If your taste in décor is a little irreverent and unexpected then opt for Mineheart (two of these portraits side by side will look great), if you prefer something abstract then pieces from Tanja Meski or Anas Homsi are a must. If you’d rather something more graphic, Megan Revell or Thomas Dowdeswell are for you.


Brother Stanwick canvas by Mineheart

Grandfather Olaf canvas by Mineheart

Chain Reaction by Tanja Meski

Dawn by Thomas Dowdeswell

Happy Family by Anas Homsi


6. Appeal All the Senses

To create an unforgettable experience you should try to appeal to all the senses and, in particular, our sense of smell is vital in giving your guest room the final touch. Scented candles and potpourri are a must, choose one or the other, otherwise, it may become too overwhelming for the nose. We love the luxurious Feu de Beaumont candles but you can also add some dried petal and spices on a silver plate or small bowl. Whichever way you go for, make sure you light the candle or add the potpourri about a week in advance of your guest’s arrival so the scent of the season floods the air.

Potpourri and luxury candles

Selection of luxury scented candles by Feu de Beaumont

Acorn stow, Wrap bowl, Angel wings, and Scored bowl all by Edge 

Now, do you feel ready for guests this festive season?