This is The Longest Stay’s signature look. It encapsulates a décor that comprises diverse elements – a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends and colours. However, there is a fine line between an eclectic room that works harmoniously and one that feels disorganised, chaotic and has no clear theme or motif. And so, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do and those you want to stay clear of to achieve this look.

 Do start with a focal point

The most effective way of not losing track of your design scheme is to start by creating or accentuating a focal point within your home with an eye-catching element. This can range from an accent wall, a piece of bold fine furniture, a fireplace or a stunning designer light. 

Mind The Gap Floral

Accent wall with Mind the Gap Floral wallpaper, wingback chair and industrial pendant light.

Dreams Cabinet

BD Barcelona Dreams cabinet is a feature piece in this minimal interior.

Don’t go colour crazy

Opt for one colour that will unify your design scheme, for example, if you’re using a monochrome palette; ensure you use this throughout your home. It can be as obvious as a chair in your living room, then go for smaller luxury gifts in your bedroom or tableware for your dining room.


Gothic inspired statement chair by Moroso with pattern and textured cushion from Nitin Goyal.


Kiasmo tableware collection

 Do plan ahead

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a new room. You’ve got colours, textures and patterns to think about. Plan where each piece of furniture is going to go because you might end up with too many pieces and no place for them. It needs to feel like your home so design it as such.

 Don’t be afraid to try it

As the name suggests, this style is about mixing things up. Try it out with home accessories, as they are easy to move and shuffle around to suit your home and style. Think about rugs, art, cushions & throws, as well as decorative objects. 

CreamA mix of eclectic pieces from industrial inspired lights, to Rococo details, contemporary designs with a touch of boho chic and metallic accents. The cohesiveness of this mood board comes from the choice of earthy tones. 

1. Rabari rug by Nani Marquina

2. The World is Woman by Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite

3. Oro wall clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi

4. Oscillate bowl by Royal Crown Derby

5. Skyscraper floor lamp by Boca do Lobo

6. Deco Star candle holder by Edge

7. Jaipur Agra cushion by Bivain

8. Letter light by Urban Industrialists

Do choose a consistent off-white, beige, or cream hue

Similar to keeping a unifying hue, creating this style with calming cream colours is a good starting point. This means you’d then focus on print, texture and period of your furniture and accessories.

Cream Accessories

1. 214 chair by Thonet

2. Cutie armchair by Munna

3. Glaze 56 pendant light by Innermost

4. Colletto coffee table by Moschino loves Altreforme

5. Large wave hand smocked cushion by Nitin Goyal

6. Jazz bar cabinet by Mambo Unlimited Ideas

Don’t buy everything from the same brand (as much as you may love it!)

What we mean is, if you have an eclectic brand you love like Mineheart, don’t go overboard with purchasing their entire collection. Instead, choose a couple of pieces you really love and make them your focal point (read first point above).


Their cowhide rug collection accessorised with plate clocks on the wall works like a charm! 

Do ask for help

This is what we’re known for, so as always we can guide you through any queries you may have. We can help you make this style purposeful and well thought-out in your home.