The seaside, the sun and those lazy summer days are always inspirational in more ways than one. Writers and artists escape the city, the Hamptons being a popular destination, the stunning island of Santorini in Greece, or Hermitage Bay in Antigua. What we love about interior design inspiration is that you can bring the idyllic and serene vibes of these places into your home.

And here’s how.

First off, a visually stunning coastal style does not mean decorating every single corner of your home with beach related motifs. It is about striking a balance of colours, hues, textiles and materials. Starting with white as your base colour is a good choice, as it immediately brings freshness into your home. From there, play with serene aqua, blues and turquoise tones and pair with marine inspired elements like sea shells, rope or sea life prints.

We love fine furniture like this crisp white sofa by Poltrona Frau paired with Alexandra Foster’s Amalfi cushions, and the Fresco rug by Asiatic.

Poltrona Frau

To inject a coastal vibe to your living space think about materials and colours that are found in the seaside. For example, it not uncommon to see old boats, with rusted metal and ropes resting on the beach. Take these elements apart and sparingly incorporate around your home. We love the Natural Rope chandelier by Culinary Concepts, which will add drama to your entrance hallway, living, or dining room.

This look is very versatile, so if you’re looking for something much more subtle, then opt for artwork or wallpaper that will bring the coastal feel to your home without it looking like the maritime museum. For example, use this designer wallpaper by NLXL as a backdrop for one of your bathroom walls, or kitchen. And because we love tongue-in-cheek design we must include Malabar’s Adamastor Fado guitar. Taking inspiration from Adamastor, the mythical creature of the oceans, the imagery pays homage to Portuguese discoveries of foreign lands.  It includes a wooden stand so you can display this beauty in the corner of your living room.

Designer Wallpaper


Don’t forget the importance of adding a touch of coastal chic to your outdoor space. Our luxury garden furniture from Gloster has teak pieces that will bring out the coastal touch with natural wood hues, for instance, the William chair and the Whirl dining table is a must this season. Amplify your space’s welcoming energy with deck chairs, oversized glass candle holders, and warm sand beige accessories.


A key component of the coastal look is attention to detail. This will take your design scheme from frown to wow in an instant. Choose home fragrances that include sea grass, coconut and bamboo scents that will help create the perfect atmosphere with this trend. Illume's oversized two wick tins come in a variety of scents with an impressive burning time of 35 hours, in a solid metallic tin with a brushed metal knob in a myriad of colours. Illume

We hope the ideas above give you a good starting point to create the perfect coast-inspired interiors for your home. If you’re unsure where to begin and need a little help or just a chat with one of interior styling experts, feel free to give us a call or email us