It's that time of year again – high society and extensive dress codes – are the talk of the town. Steeped in tradition and pageantry and interwoven into the very fabric of British culture, Royal Ascot begins today. And our very own CEO & founder, Sherry Roberts, will be in attendance at the Royal Enclosure. Within this area, gentlemen are required to wear morning dress with a top hat and ladies must wear formal day wear with a headpiece, and its base no smaller than 10cm. Yes, it is tradition. However, here at The Longest Stay we relish playing with tradition, so while the racing will be the number one priority, we're sure that fashion will be close behind. Here we present the 10 most eccentric fascinators & headpieces of all time (and trust us, we know eccentric)...

1. For those of an artistic inclination, a palette might seem a logical choice. Embellished with colourful sequins, there is no doubt that this masterpiece would turn heads. Hang on, they get weirder ...

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2. Her Majesty proves with this spaghetti number that even she has made some outlandish fashion choices in her time.

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3. & 4. A coordinated and classically English duo of afternoon tea! Fancy you're own set? Royal Crown Derby should be on your wishlist...

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5. A feline fascinator... Does Royal Ascot have an animal enclosure? 

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6. A giant ashtray; no wonder fascinators have now been banned!

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 7. This would in fact be an elegant choice, were it not for the skunk skull taking pride of place. 

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 8. Full English, anyone?

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9. & 10. Finally, we couldn't possibly write a post on fascinators without a special mention to Lady Gaga - queen of the outlandish and memorable headpieces!

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Yours in Fascination,

The Longest Stay