TLS oYou can use designer lighting to enhance the outside of your home and garden, make your property stand out and offer a safe and welcoming approach to your visitors. Whether you want a period look or something more contemporary, there's a suitable option.

St Martin's Wall Light

St Martins Wall Lantern From £240

When we think about lighting for the home, it's generally with a focus on indoor décor. But there's an increasing trend towards enhancing your property with outdoor lighting too. There's a wide choice of designer outdoor lighting available, so whatever the style of your property, you should be able to find something to suit.

Bern Outdoor Lamp

Bern Outdoor Lamp From £194

Lighting the Way

Whether your house is large or small, it's always useful to light the way for your visitors. Lighting at the front of the house or in the garden allows people to see where they're going and avoid tripping on any steps or other obstacles. Placing lights either above or to the side of entrance doors can help your home seem welcoming.

Byron Outdoor Lamp

Byron Outdoor Lamp From £150

Remember that you need less light outdoors in order to see patterns and shadows than you do indoors, so outside lighting doesn't have to be ultra­bright in order to be effective. Use just enough wattage to get the effect you want without making things too bright. The colour of the light is important, though, as it can impart a very different mood. Outside you may not want the harsh white light you'd choose indoors, so look for something with a mellower tone.

Chelsea Half Lantern

Chelsea Half Lantern From £582

Take a walk around your property in daylight, and think about what features you want to highlight in the dark. This will help you plan where to place your lights for the best effect. Do be careful to avoid light pollution. Position lights so that they only highlight the areas you want, and aim them carefully so that they don't annoy neighbours.

Newbury Wall Light

Newbury Wall Lantern from £120

Using the Outdoors

As well as making your home more welcoming, outdoor lighting can help you to make more use of your outdoor space. If your patio or deck is nicely lit, for example, you'll be more inclined to make use of it on warm evenings. You can use a range of controls, including switches, dimmers and motion detectors, to control your lighting so that you use it only when needed.

Chelsea Grande Single Post

Chelsea Grande Single Post £1650

The range of designer outdoor lighting available means that you can choose something to suit the style of your property, whether it's a period building or a more contemporary design. Modern lighting technology, such as LEDs, means you can have effective lighting that won't cost you a fortune to run. Alternatively, there are a range of vintage­ style lamps on offer that won't look out of place in more traditional fittings.

You can also choose to make the lighting a feature by adding a signature piece in the style of a traditional street lamp, for example. Alternatively, designer wall lights can be a key feature of your property as well as a practical addition.