Italy is recognised worldwide as being one of the most influential leaders in design, be it in terms of fashion, architecture or interiors. The country has produced some of the greatest furniture designers. The work of famous pioneers like Gio Ponti, whose style and creations helped to reinvent Italian art deco, led the way for a continuation of incredibly stylish and innovative furniture design. In today’s blog we’ll be taking a look at some of our brilliant Italian brands, such as Moroso, Tonin Casa, Misura Emme and Cappellini, to name just a few. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to introduce a little Italian style into your home.

Designs emerging from Italy have always been known for boasting an elegant and chic aesthetic, from the early 1900s and still today. Even with bold and contemporary styled pieces, such as the Tonin Casa Butterfly Dining Table, sophistication is key in their look. The Butterfly Table, designed by Angelo Tomailuolo, features a quirky style in which the legs of the table are curved, resembling a butterfly wing shape. The sleek and graceful look of this contemporary table will suit homes flaunting a modern minimalist interior.

For fabulous designer sofas look no further than our fantastic Italian brand pages. We have an eclectic mix of pieces, from Misura Emme and Poltrona Frau sofas that ooze classic style and traditionalism, to products conforming to a more contemporary look, such as the Moroso Newtone Oval Large Sofa, pictured above. This item features a vibrant and glamourous look with its bold turquoise colour and curved shape; this design will infuse a touch of luxury into any interior.

Another unique furniture piece is the Cappellini Homage to Mondrian Cabinet 1, which holds a bold look with its striking geometric line pattern. This cabinet pays tribute to the iconic work of Piet Mondrian, with his abstract style of rigid grids proudly displayed on its front. This artistically inspired product will make an excellent accent piece in homes needing an eye catching and contemporary addition.

If you’re looking to bring in more classically styled pieces to your home then the Poltrona Frau range will be ideal for you. The Italian brand boast an array of stylish and refined products sure to add an air of sophistication to your home. For example, the Poltrona Frau Archibald A Armchair and Pouf set, pictured above, exude the iconic ‘Made in Italy’ style with their elegant lines and effortless comfort. The enveloping design of this chair makes for an interesting piece, one which will suit a variety of interior styles due to its beautiful brown shade.

Innovation and imagination have been key to modern furniture designs coming out of Italy in recent times. The Cappellini Pyramid Chest of Drawers exemplifies this well with its unique design which features 17 drawers of varying sizes climbing up to form a quirky pyramid shape. This product is made from transparent acrylic resin with black drawers, making for a striking contrast.

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